Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GA Follows Texas and Secedes From the Union!!!

It's a great day in the neighborhood!!! We are no longer a part of Big Bad Obama's Socialist USA!!! I knew this would happen. No more IRS! No more federal taxes to pay. Just our little ole Georgia income and gas taxes. I can't wait until next April 15th. I can't wait for my next retirement check. No Federal taxes, no FICA. I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich!!!

What do you mean the mail didn't run? Where is my retirement check? If that lazy government employee is playing sick again....oh, I forgot that's a federal thing. No matter, Gov. Sonny will take care of that.

Goin' to Atlanta tomorrow. They are supposed to have paved the road across the mountain. It sure was getting rough. Huh? Where is the paving equipment. Federal highway funds? Oh, no matter Gov. Sonny will take care of that too.

Phone for me? Ok. Hey son, did you get that job at Ft. Stewart? We sure are lucky to have all of the military bases in our state that we have. How many are there now? Let's see. Ft Stewart, Ft. Benning, Moody AF Base, Hunter Army Air-Force Base, Ft. Gordon, that's where they make those prothethics, Ft. Mc... and there are others. I can't list them all. Those cushy federal jobs pay good money. I know you'll like working there. What? They've closed Ft. Stewart? All of them? They can't do that! Oh...I guess they moved them. What about all those poor people who lost jobs? No problem, Sonny will find jobs for them. We'll just have to enlarge the National Guard.

Has the Coast Guard found your missing friend? They haven't looked? Why not? Oh yeah, that secession thing again. No matter. We'll start our own. And that other friend that is going to work at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick. Has he....oops, that ugly "federal" word again. Well, we'll just enlarge the State Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth. Gov. Sonny can do that.

It is great that we have such a fine school system in our county. Sure brings a lot of good folks in. And our hospital. One of the best. Huh? Cutbacks? The federal funds dried up? Well, the state will just have to take care of that. We have to have health care and schools.

What's that I see across the street? That looks like a burglar. Quick, call 911! Why don't they answer? I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind. Answering machine? What's that message again? Due to lack of funding the 911 center has been closed? The very idea!

I heard on the news this morning that the Mexican drug lords have moved into Texas. Well where was the Border Patrol? They should move the US Army down there and clean up that mess. That wimp, Obama, can't do anything right. Come to think of it, the Mexicans have been pouring into Georgia lately. I'm going to give Sen Chambliss a piece of my mind. He needs to get in there and force those cowardly Washington Democrats into taking control of our borders. What do you mean they moved the border. It's Tennessee now? They've closed our border with Tennessee? That's the US border? What are we going to do with these Mexicans?

Great! My check is here. I can't wait to see my new money. Yep, no federal, no FICA. What? State taxes are $5,000? They can't do that! I only got $500 this month! What am I going to do? How will I feed my family? I guess I'd better take this little bit to the bank. Why is the bank locked? The stimulous money wasn't available anymore? No matter, the FDIC will cover my account. I want my Obama back! Please, somebody help me!!! I sure hope this is a dream. I am going to wake up...aren't I? Ruh, Ro! HEEEELLLLPPPP!

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