Wednesday, August 26, 2009

9/11 - Time to Move On

I received an email today from someone, using the World Trade Center attack as yet another nationalistic crutch to wave the flag and celebrate our "patriotism." Frankly, I think we need to move on past this tragedy. It has been used far to many times for purposes beyond its true meaning.

George W. Bush won an election misusing this terrorist attack. During the years following the attack he constantly reminded Americans of it and how his administration had thwarted another such holocaust through its constant vigil. At the same time Rudy Giuliani leaned on it as his only claim to fame, constantly bringing up his self proclaimed heroic actions following the attack, especially during his ill fated presidential campaign. Yes, he did a great job, but one can only go to that well sparingly, if it is to retain its true meaning. Expect to hear more about it during his upcoming gubernatorial campaign.

The attack on the World Trade Center was a horrific tragedy. We all remember where we were at the time we first learned about it. I was on I-95 south of Savannah, GA going about my work. I have always believed that it was a one-shot deal. We were told for years that Osama Bin Laden was out to destroy us and that this attack was only the first. However, it quickly became clear, that his people prepared for the one attack and did not have the resources to make another. Otherwise, they would have followed up. This country could easily been thrown into chaos, had they possessed the resources to put people in place to follow up with attacks on shopping malls, sporting events, subways, etc.

We were the victims of a terrible tragedy in part because we did nothing to prevent it. We are still very vulnerable as is any free society. Let's do ourselves a favor and let the horrors of that day in September of 2001 rest. We have issues today that far outweigh 9/11. We lose many thousands of people each day to terrible diseases, auto accidents, and gun violence. We have millions without health insurance and that many more who have no jobs. Let's remember these folks and do something to prevent their tragedies.

Somehow, these tragedies that are closer to us seem to slip through the cracks, unless they can be used as pawns in a political campaign. In reality politicians really do not want to hear about auto accidents, diseases, and gun violence. These are issues that cannot be used for political gain because we are all touched one way or the other by them. Politicians could actually do something about some of them, but they would risk the loss of votes. It is much easier to play on the fears and tears that tragedies such as 9/11 bring.


Anonymous said...

Time to move on. Like time to quit blaming Bush, playing the race card, blaming the US in every country all over the world, time to quit making Czar appointments and stripping the people of their rights by giving authority to people never elected or put up for public scrutiny. Like that, huh?

Georgia Mountain Man said...

What an inane comment, Anonymous! Oops, you won't know what that, you won't understand that one either. Silly, yes, that's it.