Friday, August 28, 2009

No Show Palin

For the fourth time in the last several months, Sarah Palin has failed to show for an event which advertised heavily that she would be speaking. This time it was an event sponsored by the Alaska Family Council, kicking off a petition to place an initiative on the ballot, requiring parental notification prior to a teen abortion. Palin was supposed to speak and be the first to sign the petition.

Once again her representative stated that she knew nothing about a speech, although it had been advertised for quite some time. Palin, she said, is out of state and not available. Palin has been "away" for some time now and the Alaska blogosphere is alive with rumors of her status. The most speculation centers around some kind of face lift that is keeping her out of the public eye until it heals. Others see her disappearance as having to do with a rumored impending divorce from husband, Todd. Then there is the recent story about her daughter's involvement in drugs and alcohol. Some say a possible nervous breakdown may be affecting her.

One has to wonder what motivates Palin to back out of these speaking engagements and resign her governorship and still, presumably, intend to have a political career of some kind. This latest no show would appear to be a great opportunity for her to further her agenda, especially since it is one that would have wide support from both sides of the political spectrum. About all she has done now is to isolate some of her base.

Whatever the case, Palin continues to confound political pundits with her behavior. It has been a year since she burst on the scene after John McCain's ill advised choice of her as his running mate. She became the darling of those too blind to accept her ineptitude. Her failure to answer questions that should have been easy for someone rounded enough to run for VP of the United States made her a laughing stock among those who took the time to actually listen to what she said.

She has pretty much been written off by most real political experts. Even Newt Gingrich put his tongue firmly in his cheek and gave her a todo list that would allow her a political comeback. I do not see her as a real player in any coming election. Her die hard base of followers will continue to make excuses and turn out to listen to her, if she ever shows for a speaking engagement. Outside of that she is, for the most part, dead in the water, politically.


Anonymous said...

What are your sources for all your venom? Quote them as you write all this.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Click on the underlined link. It is the Anchorage newspaper.

Diane J Standiford said...

The facts have also been reported across the wires and TV. Maybe someone needs to read/watch more than FOX. Palin QUIT her elected job. I know I would never vote for a quitter again.

Anonymous said...

All that some say this, some say that sounds like a busy body gossip with nothing much to do. Enjoy that, do you?

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Anonymous, you should put the bottle away. That last comment makes no sense whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Read your posts. You said "some say this, some say that".

Sarah really has you scared doesn't she? I've heard that if you don't run into satan, you must be walking with him. Sarah has a rough road, how is yours?