Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Transformation of John McCain

I saw John McCain a few minutes ago on CNN, speaking to the "Conservative Political Action Committee" whatever that is. I now believe that the tranformation, the evolution, the pandering side of McCain is complete. He sounded just like George Bush as he spewed the extremist views of the right wing of the Republican party. I can't wait until the fall. He will be accusing the Dems of cuddling up to Osama, holding up the "necessary" spying on American citizens, and calling them traitors for opposing what I now think of as his and Bush's war in Iraq. He is definitely a disappointment. I would not have voted for him anyway, but I always thought he spoke for the more moderate side of the Republican party. In years past when no Democrat sparked my interest I thought I might hold my nose and vote for him. No more. He sounded so partisan today, that I cannot imagine him being able to reach across the aisle for compromise.

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