Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Post Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday has passed and we must, first and foremost, remember those whose lives were forever changed when storms hit their homes last night. John McCain came out a winner, as I figured he would. I really don't think he needs to worry about uniting with the radio talk show hosts. I think it is time for them to crawl back under their rocks for good. They obviously had little affect on the mainstream voters.

At times I wonder that kind of alliance McCain and Huckabee have. A VP position, maybe? If Huckabee continues, he will draw votes from Romney and assure a win for McCain. Why else would Huckabee, whose support is primarily southern, stay in the race? He has no chance.

Obama gained on Clinton, except among Latinos. It will be interesting to see how this race turns out. Will it continue on to the convention and risk a major fight there? It might very well be too late for fence mending by then. I, personally, would rather see Obama go against McCain. He seems to be a quick thinker with a thick skin. He will be able to stand up to McCain and the Republicans, when they start their mudslinging. Clinton, on the other hand, has enormous baggage and will be an easy target. I am also not sure how well she will be able to stand up and answer face to face criticisms from McCain. One thing in her favor is that she, like McCain, voted to give the President carte blanche on Iraq. McCain can't jump her for that one.

I saw a Latino leader this morning say that they now have leverage with both McCain and the Dems. McCain has shown that he is sympathetic to their cause. I wonder how that statement went over with the right wingers? McCain's "former" stance on immigration has angered them greatly and contributed to Rush L's anti-McCain diatribes.

We move onward and...well...either up or down. It's hard to tell. I do like politics, so I will observe and be opinionated. That's what's great about this country. We are free to have our opinions, at least most of the time. Under Bush, it's been an uphill battle. However, only 11 months to go and then, we hope, a change.

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