Thursday, February 7, 2008

Republican Election = More loss of Freedoms?

As I listened to both McCain and Romney speak to the conservative political action committee today, I shook all the way down to my shoes. Both likened a democrat being elected to the end of this country as we know it. Both stated thinly veiled threats that a vote for a Democrat is akin to being a traitor to our country. That appears to again be the Republican platform. Vote for us and we will save the country from the Godless, baby-killing, Islamic fundamentalist loving Democrats. It sounds like the last seven years of Bush.

Wake up America! We have had enough of the abuse of our Constitution and our rights. We have seen thousands of our young people maimed and killed in an un-American and needless invasion. We have seen the Middle East become more unstable as a result, and we have given the Islamic fundamentalists more ammunition with which to recruit. Now McCain says we have to stay and sacrifice more of our young people for nothing. He is saying little about Afghanistan, where the problem remains and where our resources should have remained focused. Fortunately, the Democratic candidates have addressed this issue.

I fear for the future of our country, if we have to endure another four or eight years of Republican domination. Hopefully, the majority of the voting public will not fail the country and will see that we would simply be electing yet another George Bush to carry us farther down the road to ruin. It is so important that the voters open their eyes and see what lies ahead with these extremist groups, who have taken over the Republican party and to which McCain panders.

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