Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Political Conservatism or Misplaced Party Loyalty?

I continue to be both amazed and concerned at the right wing political attitude toward John McCain. The extremist radio talk show hosts are leading the way, characterizing McCain as a "liberal" because he voted against the Bush tax cuts, against the marriage amendment, and was more moderate on immigration.

I heard Glenn Beck this afternoon say that he would vote for Clinton before McCain so that she would be blamed for the current problems in the country instead of the Republican Party. Say what? The Republicans have been in charge for eight long years and will have to take the blame for the sad state of the country and the Middle East. It appears that Mr. Beck and his friends are more worried about their party than the country. Instead of worrying about the party image, they should be saying, "how can we work with the other party to fix this mess?"

It is scary that these people reject a moderate such as McCain. They also reject compromise as being "liberal." They have forgotten their history and the great statesmen, who put aside party loyalties and worked for the good of the country. These people have a couple of wedge issues, which determine who they support and what they think. Beck said that "values" were the most important factor is his supporting a candidate. He didn't exactly define "values," but I can guess what he was talking about: the usual Republican issues, abortion, and gay marriage.

The only saving grace about this whole misplaced thinking is that it is being led by a group of right wing radio talk show hosts. Let's face it, they are nothing more than pundits and hypocrites, who make their living stirring up trouble. One is a prescription drug addict, who puts people down for taking drugs, and never served his country, but wants to be sure everyone else does. So much for values.

It appears at least at this time, an hour or so before the polls close in the East, that many Republicans are rejecting this nonsense and voting their consciences. My guess is that McCain will still be the leader tomorrow. Hopefully, for once the voters will show that they do not follow like lemmings, but have a mind of their own.

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