Monday, August 10, 2009

FOX and the Town Halls

This morning I was waiting in the BMW-Mini dealership for service and the TV in the waiting area was tuned to FOXLite News. I was amazed that during the 2 hours of waiting, FOX dwelled on the town hall meetings every few minutes, pushing home the GOP stance that everyone in the country is fed up with the Obama healthcare plan. They continuously played scenes of the violence and childlike actions of the GOP plants in these meetings. All the while the anchors, smirked and at times openly laughed, while pushing the GOP agenda.

In an interview a Republican Congressman was asked if the GOP was planting these mobs. Guess what his answer was? He did not give one. He simply said that during the Bush Administration Moveon and others planted people to disrupt meetings. In so many words, then, his answer was yes. Did the FOX anchor ask him a follow up to try to get a real answer? Of course not, he simply continued to feed the Congressman questions that allowed him to complete his false statements about the plan. And they call it "fair and balanced."

Today, in Douglas County, GA a town hall meeting was held to discuss federal highway plans with some neighborhoods in that area with Rep. David Scott. The meeting was set up by the local city manager. A Republican talk radio host and former candidate for senator had his listeners attend to disrupt the meeting. It wasn't about health care. It was about a highway. Needless to say, Sen. Scott was a bit upset.

This is not going away and the Republicans are doing their best to become the party that kills health care reform once again. The voters need to take note. One of Dubya's advisers has told Republicans that they are treading on thin ice. Republican polls have indicated that an overwhelming percentage of voters want reform. The GOP stands to lose even more ground with their mob tactics. Let us hope the door does not hit them on the way out.


Anonymous said...

the meeting in Douglasville wasn't on August 10, it was on August 8. 11alive news only got access to the video of the meeting on August 10 because the city wasn't airing it (and still hasn't, though they have promised that it will air).

Anonymous said...

also, forms were given to those who wanted to ask unrelated questions at the end of the meeting and were invited to do so. Word is only one person got to ask an unrelated question.