Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anti-healthcare, Anti -medicare?

I wonder how many of these protestors at the townhalls will accept or have accepted Medicare. It appears that many of them are nearing that point. I surely hope that they will have the good sense to reject it as along as possible, since it could mean their death knell. The death panels are waiting, you know.

I have an eighty-nine year old cousin in the local nursing home. Her care is paid for by Medicare. If she needs medication, she gets it. If she requires hospitalization, she gets it. She is very well cared for in this extremely well run facility. I'm not sure how the death panel has missed her. After all, she suffers from dementia and is unable to care for herself. To the government she is useless. She might as well be taken out on the mountain somewhere and left for the coyotes and other scavangers.

Many of the people in nursing homes around the country are in the same condition as my relative. I suppose these facilities, which exisit mainly because of Medicare, really should not exist. Let's just get the government out of the healthcare business entirely. That is what the so-called healthcare protestors want. Let the protestors take care of themselves, when they can no longer be cared for by their families. Surely, they and their families can provide the monetary means to provide proper care.

My guess is that the protestors all have health insurance. If they didn't, they would not be protesting. There is a group of doctors, who have been providing health care to third world countries. Now they are providing that same care here in the US:

How embarrassing! These doctors now have to provide medical care in this country. But let's get the government out of health care entirely. We do not need cheaper drugs. The elderly people, who take half a dose to conserve their money, do not need any help. The elderly, who cannot care for themselves and have no one else, do not need nursing homes. The children, whose parents do not have health care, need no help. Let them all "root hog or die."

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Anonymous said...

Your man will take care of things! Chicago corrupt politics is coming about for the whole country. Czars here, Czars there, here Czars everywhere. Check out those Czars!