Thursday, December 11, 2008

The "War" on Christmas Saga and Its Sorry Beginnings

Max Blumenthal has done a bit of research on the origins of the mythical "war" on Christmas. His conclusions are quite interesting. Basically, it originated with bigoted white supremacists and was picked up by (who else?) FOX News and the fundamentalist Christians, who needed a new windmill to fight. Read about it here:


rainlillie said...

This is not surprising at all. If it's indeed a war , shouldn't they be fighting all year round?

Anonymous said...

If you are an unbeliever, you do not see any fight because you care nothing for Christianity. One usually fights or is willing to fight for what they believe. Oh, the plight of the lukewarm. mom2

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Mom2, there is no fight. Christian Christmas is everywhere. There are Nativity scenes on every corner. Everywhere you look there are signs of Christmas. Look around you and think for yourself for a change. What is the fight about? I haven't seen anyone trying to do away with Christmas. It is just something O'Reilly uses to keep up his ratings each year at Christmas time. Yes, there are some businesses, who want to appeal to Jews as well as Christians, so they don't dwell specifically on Christmas or Hannukkah, but that is the commercialization that I'm sure you rant about as well. So why would you care?

foxofbama said...

There was no war in Hayesville, NC; no war on Christmas in 1960 when Truett Memorial staged the Live Pageant in our front yard where 64 curved in front to go through downtown.
No war, that is except for the donkey who would not come out of his stall for closing night until he finally jumped my Dad backwards.
Early memory for me; Lot of Great Fear, when the Glory of the Lord almost Shone all over my Dad.
Hayesville, has a fine theatre now about 400 yards behind the Pageant scene of 50 years ago.
Would be great to have Ron Rash come there and do a reading in February or so.
Evening with Ron Rash as it were with Reading and Q and A about his several books.
Would be great it you would get the ball rolling up that way.
Trust me, I think you are gonna want to after you read the captivating Serena.
Delighted you are gettin a copy on rush order.
Rash is a remarkable presence.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

The "War on Xmas" is a fabrication. There is no war. If anything, the war began with the Puritans since Xmas was outlawed in the Colonies until well into the 1800s. It didn't even become a holiday until 1870 & then it was only a secular event. Not until the 1890s was Xmas celebrated as a religious event on a large scale outside a single mass in Catholic churches.

If anyone has a war on Xmas going on, it is groups using Xmas as a tool to raise money to fight the phony war against those "Godless Heathens."
When someone claims there is a "war on Xmas," it shows a lack of knowledge about history.

Good post, Good Sir.

Stephen Fox said...

See my comment on John Killian's blog on same topic.
Just google Musings from Maytown. or

Diane J Standiford said...

Yes, good post.