Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obama Is An Immigrant?

Worldnet Daily, the best political supermarket tabloid on the Net, is still trying to convince its following that P-e Obama is not natural born. There is an article by someone named Janet Porter that exposes the President-elect as an "immigrant." It is an improptu interview in Spanish with Gov. Bill Richardson in which he actually says that Obama is a Democrat. This is a great example of the typical right wing method of creating a controversy when one doesn't exist. This one is really out of "right" field.

I had to listen to this clip several times before I understood what Ms. Porter was trying to say. I kept hearing the translator say "Democrat." Finally, I figured it out. If you concentrate hard enough, let your imagination run wild, and want to hear the word "immigrant" instead of "Democrat" you can sort of make it sound that way. Check it out:

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