Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Should We Be Concerned for Obama's Safety?

The Alaskan Bimbo has been on the attack, questioning Obama's relationship with an aging, reformed 60's revolutionary. It is a huge stretch to even pose the question, but when a vicious animal is cornered it will do anything to try to survive. As this egotistical, ill mouthed, re-incarnation of Barbie continues to repeat her unfounded attacks, along with her bad-tempered mentor, their supporters have become more restless and mean spirited.

Videos of the rallies pick up responses to McCain and the Bimbo's attacks. In the background supporters are heard yelling, "kill him" and "terrorist." If these people are unstable enough to believe the lies, is there someone listening to their inciteful talk, who is at this moment constructing a bomb or cleaning an assault rifle in preparation for an assassination attempt? I think there is more than a 90% possibility that planning is underway.

In this country at the moment there are so many radical Christians, who hate Muslims and who believe the insinuations about Obama's Muslim connections, there very well could be a member of God's Army ready to do battle. There are many white supremacist groups that will not tolerate an African American president and are ready to ensure that this doesn't happen. Most of these people consider themselves Republican. Since, their leaders are pushing them toward the brink and not calling anyone to task for the comments, but, instead, continuing to encourage bad behavior, I will not be surprised if there is an attempt on Obama and his family's lives. I don't think they will just go for him. They will try for the entire family to send a message.

If, indeed, something does happen and let's pray that it doesn't, McCain and the Bimbo will have to take some of the blame. They would not be directly responsible, but they have done nothing but encourage anger with their lies and boorish behavior. Nothing has been said to curb the mob environment we are seeing at their rallies.

Tonight in the debate, McCain showed his cowardly side. He and the Bimbo can call Obama names and make broad insinuations about his character and his background, but he is unwilling to look Obama in the face and say those things. I must say that Obama is quite the consummate professional, who was willing to stand on stage with this low-life individual and actually be civil. I could not do that.

Let us hope that I am a wild-eyed pessimist, who is so far out in left field that I can't see home plate. Maybe I making the proverbial mountain out of a mole hill, but I will be very scared for Obama and his family over the next few weeks and into his presidency. Let us hope that the Secret Service is investigating, and I heard tonight that they are taking these overheard comments very seriously. I just hope that they are giving the Obama's the kind of security that they need. On the other hand, I hope that McCain is getting it as well. There are dangerous people on both sides, and the incendiary behavior of McCain and the Bimbo can do some bad things to the unstable minds in the Obama camp as well. Unfortunately, McPalin isn't taking that side very seriously.


Diane J Standiford said...

I lived through JFK, MLK, RFK, Lennon, I am scaared shitless for him. Mccain saw KGB in Putin's eyes? I see KKK in Palin's; the freak shoots MOOSE from the air. I fear for Obama, many do, with our country's history toward African Americans how can we feel differently?

Anonymous said...

I am an African American who voted for Obama and I too, am frightened for his safety.I believe that Obama was able to cross all barriers and racial guidelines and his hard work payed off.Its just so sad that in 2008 we have people who are so closeminded that we fail to give someone a fair chance simply because they are BLACK.I am so appauled that Mccain would stoop so low and run such a negative campaign giving these racists more to feed on.In America , Bush has lead our country into a disgusting state of tormoil and its time someone cleaned up this White house that is full off pompus racist white supremicist who cover up in a business suit.Its time for a change and Barack might be able to shape things up.He needs his fair chance.I too hope that security looks out for him and his family's safety.May God bless them.