Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Christian Values and McPalin

I am so tired of getting these emails spouting how Obama and the Democrats don't reflect "our" Christian values, whatever they are, because none of these emails give any details. These people are, of course, insinuating that McCain does reflect these nebulous "values." I just want someone to tell me how John Sidney McCain reflects these "values." Please.

Do these "values" include cheating on your sick wife with a rich bimbo, then divorcing her to marry the bimbo? Do they include "cussing like a sailor?" Do they include poor sportsmanship and inciting crowds to the point that they yell "kill him" and "terrorist?" Do they include your teenage daughter, who ends up unmarried and pregnant because you haven't been a good parent and taught her about the "Christian values" that you espouse? Do they include backstabbing those who disagree with you, so that you retain absolute power? Do they include flat out lying on a regular basis?

What are those "values?" I want to know, because I can't find many virtues in McCain/Palin. In fact I can't see how you can base your choice of candidates on "Christian values." Most politicians didn't get where they are by telling the truth. They lie on an almost daily basis. They stab anyone in the back, even their friends, if it means staying on top. Don't tell me these are "Christian values." Just show me how you can base your choice on these "Christian values."


I kind of thought so. You simply can't explain yourself, when you talk about "Christian Values" and McCain/Palin. I am waiting to see how many responses I get from these "Voting Christian Values" emails that I responded to. My guess? None. There is no response, except for another "Christian" lie.


foxofbama said...

Google up Kathryn Lofton of Princeton, her Monday Religion Dispatch piece on the religious pilgrimage of John McCain.
An academic piece, but by inference clearly in light of her piece, Obama is the confessional Christian.
McCain has no such evidence, no witness, no confession.
I respect him, but it is nonsense to doubt Obama as a Christian in the light of this piece.
Franky Schaefer has taken a strong look at Sarah Palin. I think there is more to it than his take, but it is strong.
A fundamentalist friend and I had phone conversation this afternoon. We are hoping to bring Palin and Huckabee to Samford in Bham this winter to explore it all further. Hope you and BabbsTaylor can make it down if it happens.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Ooooo weeeee. You've done stepped in it now. Calling out those who use faith as a means of political gain. They are going to send you to hell in a handbasket.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Thanks. I certainly feel that Obama reflects true Christian values and I have seen little to convince me of McCain. It seems to me that he is very uncomfortable addressing these kinds of issues and he stays as far from the subject as possible. I wil check out Lofton and watch for the Samford event.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Yes, TBAR, I have called them out. I want answers. I'm tired of these people saying the country is facing its most dangerous election because Obama doesn't reflect "our" Christian values. Whose Christian values? What are they and how does he not relflect them?

rainlillie said...

Excellent points. I thought Christians believed in redemption, if that's the case why are they sill going after Ayers. MSNBC had a poll where it said that more Catholics are supporting Obama than McCain.

Anonymous said...

Keep ranting on Palin, then read this:
Farrakhan on Obama "The Messiah is absolutely speaking. on

Scary, indeed. mom2

Georgia Mountain Man said...

And...your point Anonymous? I read the article. Obama can't control who endorses or who doesn't. Neither can McCain. I understand Farrakhan's analogy. Apparently, you and comedian Rush Limbaugh don't. I wonder if Limbaugh was praying to Jesus Christ while he was abusing prescription drugs. Another "Christian value." I notice that you didn't comment on the subject of this post. Palin jumped out, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

If you would go to sources other than your normal fellow back slappers, you might find some differing views to consider. I'm afraid that if Christianity relied on the ratio of tally points, we would all be sunk. There is a discernment which we can exercise if we want to know the truth, but we need to ask for God's wisdom because without Him, we all are wicked sinners. mom2
P.S. I don't hang around dark tunnels either. You know what I mean.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

I do look at differing views and, if they are valid, I accept them as such. If they are obviously skewered and filled with lies, I don't accept them. In the case of this election, most of the negative information on Obama is simply untrue. Some of the information on McCain is untrue. Some of what Obama's campaign says about McCain is either a complete lie or a "stretching" of the truth and vice versa. It is up to us, the voters, to look at all of it, check the sources do a lot of reading and then determine the truth of the information we are given. Most of the junk in emails and on many webpages is simply untrue, and it's very easy to confirm that. I have gotten little information on McCain in emails, because few are making up stuff on him. He happens to be white and doesn't have a different name, thus little antagonistic info is finding its way into the net. Most of the negatives on McCain are very well known and documented because he has been covered closely for the last fifteen years, at least. If you are seeking God's wisdom on this crap about Obama, and still believing it, you aren't listening to him very well, or he isn't returning your calls. By the way, you might have a look at the following link: