Friday, October 3, 2008

The Big "Debate"

The much anticipated "debate" between Biden and Palin has come and gone, thankfully. The pundits have had their say, and I doubt many minds have changed. Both candidates misrepresented the others' positions, as usual. Neither was outstanding. Palin did better, sort of, than most had assumed she would do. Biden, didn't lose it and make a damaging off the cuff remark.

Biden is experienced in this sort of thing, and it showed. Palin is not, and it showed. Palin was well prepared by her handlers. In fact she was so prepared she couldn't stray from her memorized remarks, failing to answer several questions, and repeating herself often.

The questions were the usual ones, that could easily be anticipated, with the exception of the one about how they would use office of VP. Palin missed it completely and indicated she would continue to abuse the office as Cheney has done. She even said she would like to have more power, indicating her lack of knowledge of the Constitution, when she said it allowed for more power to the office.

Was it a mind changing event? Only if you were a McCain person and needed something to convince yourself that Palin wasn't a total embarrassment. She didn't blow it completely as some thought she would do. As for Biden, he performed as you would expect for a man with over thirty years experience in Congress. No mind changing there.

Anticlimactic? Very much so. The Republicans are beside themselves with joy this morning. The Alaskan Bimbo passed their test. Democrats see her for what she is, a fake, folksy, talker with no substance. The Republicans will claim victory. Biden met expectations. The Democrats will claim victory. Life will go on.

Maybe someday there will be a debate with difficult questions and with a moderator who will simply say, "you must answer my question before we move on." Make them talk with substance not in circles. At the very least the moderator should point out the fact each time they don't answer the question. I would also like to see the moderator bring up more quotes and make them defend themselves. Point out when they have changed positions and have them explain why. I know. I'm dreaming. It ain't gonna happen because the candidates won't allow it. They will accuse the moderator of partisanship. Let's face it. The candidates are the ones who really run the "debates."


foxofbama said...

Gonna be interesting to see what Michelle Cottle at has to say next week.
Palin may be a better Senator from Alaska than Ted Stevens is; maybe she will grow into something like that.
In meantime we will continue to be hostage to the fetus.
I sincerely recommend Harold Bloom's mid 90's book The American Religion. Search it out; you'll find it fascinating.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

I will look for Bloom's book next week. It sounds interesting. Yes. Palin might grow as a Senator. At the moment she is in way over her head.

Diane J Standiford said...

I agree. And the moderator was awful. Gosh I miss Tim Russert...

ELAshley said...

Grow as a senator? Where have you people been? Sarah Palin is a G-O-V-E-R-N-O-R, Governor.

And what does 'Fox' mean by "hostage to the fetus"? If the Supreme Court has simply stayed out of a case that was clearly within the Constitutional pervue of the state, abortion wouldn't be the issue it is today. AND abortion would still be legal and obtainable.... just not as widespread.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Read it again E.L. We are saying that she might grow and learn as a Senator. We are very well aware that she is a G O V E R N O R. Or, at least, she is posing as one.