Monday, September 29, 2008

School Classmates

This past weekend my wife and I were invited to the Union County High School Class of '60 annual picnic. That was my sister's class and they get together on a regular basis. It was interesting to see people whom I remember from almost 5o years ago and to see how the years have treated them. Some I recognized immediately. Others had changed drastically. One lady still very closely resembles her 1960 yearbook photo. Her blond hair, undyed, is still very blond. Some of the men are "old" men. Others are much "younger."

The local members of this class get together monthly at a local restaurant. They don't spend the whole time reminiscing. They just have a good time and fellowship together as they did in high school. The local Class of '56 has breakfast weekly and provide each other with support and friendship. Both of these groups invite other graduating class members to join in. They call these get togethers, the Class of " ... " and friends. In other words, those who have gone before and come along after are welcome to become part of their circle of friendship.

I wish my class did this. We were close friends once for 12 years, spending five days a week together for nine months of every year. There is no reason not to spend some time together once again, and not just talk about old times, but share current experiences and rekindle those old friendships.

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