Monday, May 2, 2011

No Silly Grin, No "Mission Accomplished"

Osama Bin Laden was killed in an apparent fire fight in Pakistan. He has been sought for twenty years for his masterminding of terror throughout the world. I just read that he was buried within 24 hours according to Islamic tradition. The President made the announcement last night about 11:30 p.m. with no silly grin and a "we got him." There was no gloating "Mission Accomplished" photo op on an aircraft carrier. A simple, short professional statement was all that was required.

There will be criticism of the President from his Republican opponents. He didn't show emotion. He didn't spout nationalistic rhetoric. Islamic tradition was followed, instead of mocked. There will be conspiracy theories. No body, no Bin Laden. No long form death certificate. It was a publicity stunt, and he is still alive and prepared to kill. The list goes on and on.

This "war" on terrorism isn't over by a long shot. There will be others to take his place. In fact there are already others in place. More than likely there will be reprisals. It may take a while for them to put a plan in place to do great harm to this country, but they will try it. We can only hope that our country's counter terrorism people stay alert and ready.

The United States is wise to tone down the official rhetoric. The celebrations in the street are unfortunate. I think back to similar celebrations that have taken place in the Middle East and how they have infuriated extremist Americans. The same will be true for the supporters of Bin Laden. The President was wise to demonstrate professionalism and strong leadership with his demeanor last night. He was also wise to ensure that Islamic traditions were followed in the disposal of Bin Laden's body. Respect for a world religion that has many American followers and many U.S. supporters around the globe is wise. Nothing turns a religious people off, like showing disrespect for their religious traditions.

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Doug B said...

Our president is far from perfect, but he has done a good job of representing our nation, in my opinion. He is a leader we can take pride in.