Friday, April 15, 2011

Arizona Does it Again, GA to Follow, I'm Sure

The Arizona state senate has passed a "birther" bill with Donald Trump's blessing. Fortunately, it is Arizona that is leading the country, now, in Neanderthal legislation, but I'm sure my state will jump on the bandwagon in the next legislative session. It just passed an "Arizona style" immigration bill, designed to run Latinos out of the state and bankrupt hundreds of businesses. The next move will be to step on the birther bandwagon.

The bill under consideration now by the Arizona House, is so bizarre it could only have been dreamed up by those of the "birther" ilk. From the "Phoenix New Times:" "They don't call Arizona the "meth lab of Democracy" for nothing -- where else could a lack of foreskin prove citizenship?" This bill actually has, as an option for "proof of citizenship," a circumcision certificate. How does this prove citizenship? Who knows? There are other options of course. A long form birth certificate, a postpartum record or an early census record. As the Times points out, if all else fails, the candidate can expose himself to the election board.

Since Georgia seems to be mimicking Arizona, the hotbed of craziness, it can only be a matter of time before someone introduces such a bill in my state. Lord knows after the session, which just ended, it is obvious that the Georgia legislature is perfectly capable of wasting the taxpayers' money and time on a mindless bill. Yet, such a bill would be popular in Georgia. Republican voters here are so easily led like sheep to the slaughter. A relative told me the other day, "there must be something to this birth certificate thing or they wouldn't keep bringing it up." Of course he was watching Donald Trump on FAUX News at the time of the discussion. Ignorance abounds.


Doug B said...

I suspect you are probably right about our state. Sad.

thatboyaintright said...

GA seems to be copying everything AZ does lately, trying to see which state can be more extremist. God help us all.

Diane J Standiford said...

The AZ Gov, vetoed the assinine bill. If they hadn' we really NEED AZ? hahahahaha