Monday, September 14, 2009

"Teabaggers" Lie About Their Numbers with Old Photo

It seems the Anti-Obama crowd, i.e. the "Teabaggers," i.e. right wing fanatic Republicans have lied about the number of people attending the anti-Obama rally this past weekend. They used an old picture that has since been recanted, but still circles the internet as fact. They should have "photoshopped" the picture by removing the cranes that were there in the 1990's and added the American Indian Museum. See this article at's truthometer.

Lies get you nowhere, especially in this highly electronic age as so many right wingers have found out already. It is amazing that they continue to try this garbage. There were surely thousands there, maybe 50 or 60 by most sane people's count, but not 2 million. Two million people would have been a lot of people. If there had been 2 million people there, someone might have cared....


Anonymous said...

You're sorta picky about talking about lies, aren't you? Way to go to propagate bias!

foxofbama said...

I hear Rachel Maddow went down the roster over time last night on MSNBC.
In the scheme of things just a small minority of people but they are making enough noise to jackboot Health Care Reform.
Great synopsis of it all today early in the hour of NPR's Here and Now.
If you want to go deep in the race and labor politics of South Carolina, turn up the person and or the writings of Bryant Simon of UGA on the matter.
Joe Wilson ought to have Simon and Vernon Burton over for an educational weekend; and Wilson's staff ought to sit in as well.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for your story on Acorn and expecting your usual excusable explanation. Time to clean up ALL the money trails.