Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joe Wilson, Racist?

President Carter has stated that Rep. Joe Wilson's stupid outburst during the President's speech to a joint session of Congress is rooted in racism. I do think that much of the negative response to the President is deeply rooted in racism. The, birthers, the ugly posters and the ugly names, the fear mongering; they are all are related to racism. However, I do not necessarily agree that Wilson's comment is the result of a racist thought process.

Wilson's son has defended him, saying that his mother and father had no racist feelings and their children were brought up to relate to everyone. Some have pointed to his defense of the South Carolina flag and his membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans as proof of his racist leanings. Neither of these necessarily defines one as a racist. Most true conservatives probably would take issue with a change of a state flag, primarily on the basis of rejecting change. In the South one could add defense of southern heritage. Neither do not necessarily point to racism.

As a southerner, I could join the Sons of Confederate Veterans, because I have several ancestors who served in the Confederate Army. My great grandfather was held in a Federal POW camp at Ft. Delaware, nearly dying of starvation at the war's end. A couple of other ancestors served in the 11th GA Cavalry. I haven't chosen to join the SCV, simply because I do not have an interest in doing so. Yes, there are some wingnuts in the SCV, who are very definitely racists, but not all are so and being a member should not stereotype one as such.

I continue to wonder if Wilson's outburst was carefully planned to bring attention to himself for the purpose of advancing his career and raising money for his upcoming campaign. Almost immediately after the event, he posted a video on YouTube begging for money. What better way to get your name out front, if you are a relative unknown? Politicians are basic opportunists. They will do whatever it takes to keep their elected office. If it means making a scene to get attention, they will do it in a heartbeat. Let's face it. Who does not know of Joe Wilson now?


Dirk said...

Politicians will be politicians. My opinion is that we're only useful at election time to keep them in power. Political stunts are pulled all the time although I don't think a lot of people realize it. I think there's a lot more "scripting" and planning than we would like to know about.

Would you consider posting about your ancestry? I think it would be a very interesting read.


Anonymous said...

You should move to Chicago and poke around in politics there if you want to get an education. BO and his staff know all about it.

Diane J Standiford said...

I know Joe Wilson, but hope to forget him soon. I do see his action as racist. I will ask myself why. But the recent surge of racist signs and words tossed around lately have empowered many. I don;t get the joining of the Confederate Sons just because, too much history and too many Southeners still holding klan meetings, hanging flags, playing loose with the noose. I'm not joining any "Union" group---Godforsaken war, ugly history we share, why do the KKK still exist? Talk about sore losers, they killed President Lincoln, wasn't that enough? Carrying guns just feet from our PRESIDENT! Like it or not (I sure had to put up with it for the last 8 years) we are one nation, one people---we better start acting like it.