Monday, September 21, 2009

John Edwards, Roue'

The dictionary defines roue' as a lecherous, dissipated man, or one who leads a sensual and immoral life. I suppose in this instance one could also look up such words as reprobate, blackguard, scoundrel, rascal, and scalawag. Beside all of these words should be placed two pictures. First and foremost Newt Gingrich and beside him, John Edwards.

If the proposed book by a former aide of Edwards is true, and these tell all's often are, Edwards took a page out of Gingrich's book, when he told his "ho" that they would get married, when his wife died of cancer. I do not think you can get any lower than to cheat on your ailing wife and go so far as to anticipate her death.

The books states that Edwards pleaded with his aide to claim paternity, which he ultimately did. It also says that Edwards inquired as to whether he could find a doctor to fake a paternity test to say that his aide was the father. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

A public figure should know that his enablers will some day betray him for the money a publisher or tabloid will pay for such juicy news. Let's hope that Elizabeth Edwards sends him packing, should he finally admit to all of this. She must have had a hellish last couple of years, with both her illness and her sleazy husband's hidden life eating at her. Whether all of this latest information is true or not, Mr. Edwards deserves his own special place in hell beside all of the other slimeballs of his ilk.


Diane J Standiford said...

Well, I agree with your distaste for such behavior, but I think Mrs Edwards will stay for the kid's sake. Their life has been already turned upside down...a divorce right now would be a bit much. If she were healthy I would scream: LEAVE THE #$%^&*(

Vagabonde said...

One good thing about being in Canada is that I did not hear that much about all the US politicians’ private lives – and that was a relief. Now I am trying to catch up reading all the blogs I like – when I stop from mopping up our family room and trying to dry my poor books. We had a surprise when we came back – we had not heard about the flood. I posted some photos of the areas around here on my blog.