Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Facebook Poll on Obama's Murder

The ultimate in stupidity from the fringe elements of society has finally arrived on Facebook. There are many dumb polls that Facebook users can take, if they so desire, but to put up a poll on whether the President of the United States, or anyone else for that matter, should be killed is the height of imbecility. Thankfully, the Secret Service is investigating and I hope they prosecute those responsible. To date none of my fringe element friends have stooped low enough to take that poll. I will be very disappointed if they do, and I will remove them as friends should that happen.

There are already so-called Christians calling for the death of the president. One GOP, Congressman, Trent Franks has said that the President is "An Enemy of Humanity." I do not know how much farther these hatemongers will go to display their hatred and fear of one man. We all know that most of the hatred comes from the racist element, but the so-called Christian element vomits forth its hatred as well.

I do not think this country has ever experienced such vitriol and hatred from the dregs of society before this time. Possibly the Civil War era, and some southern slave owning elements, could compare with it. That group was defeated in the worst of wars, which caused the death and suffering of so many great Americans on both sides. It accomplished little that could not have been done peacefully, had Americans worked together.

In today's world the Republican fringe elements have taken over that party and intend to destroy the President and, ultimately, the well being of the country for nothing more than political gain and power. A few days ago I watched bluebirds fighting over their feeder outside our breakfast room window. I could think of nothing but the Republicans as those birds fought to control the food, expending great amounts of energy, when simply working peacefully together would have resulted in plenty of food for all.


Vagabonde said...

I agree with everything you say. Weren’t not the Dixie Girls ostracized just because they said they were ashamed to be from Texas? Radios would not play their music and some of their concerts were canceled. But the Republicans or should I say the extreme nuts who give the Republicans a bad name (I know many nice Republicans) dare to threaten the president of this country? They are supposed to be patriotic but don’t they realize that they are trying to totally change this country – so that is totally un-American and unpatriotic. They really should be called traitors rather than conservative citizens.

Anonymous said...

Remember all the vitriol directed at George Bush and Cheney? I guess you will also think about the millions of babies aborted with the support of the Democrat party. Sick, sick world and contrary to what you think, it is not all the fault of Republicans. It is SIN and a clueless people that have no spiritual discernment.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

I assume, then, that you condone the killing of the President, Anonymous, regardless of your so-called "Christian" feelings. You and your ilk are so mixed up and filled with hatred, you don't know which end is up. Remember that over used phrase, WWJD? I don't think he would like what you and your people say, think, and do.

Anonymous said...

GMM, You read something into my comment that was not there. Is that how you arrive at all these hairbrained opinion pieces of yours. You are promoting hate and dissension.
I will say this plainly. Look closely! I do not agree with killing anyone and never suggested that. It is your biased thinking that seems to differentiate between how Bush was treated and what is happening now. Bush was demonized for 8 years and you have so quickly forgotten (conveniently).

Concerned said...

This is a fringe sentiment for sure to which you refer.
A more reasonable take is the analysis at easily googled at religion dispatches article titled "I want my country back" by Wade Clark Roof.
Not all the reservations with Obama are race based; but the class resentment is high and it should disturb us all that the bulk of outspoken resentment toward Obama comes from regular church goers.
Check on this article. It is very substantive.
Read the comments there as well.

Doug B said...

You know what? The poll didn't surprise me the least bit. I believe it expresses a thought that is on more minds than we like to think. Truly sick.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Facebook polls are about as worthwhile as a bottle of perfume in an outhouse. Good observations there!

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

And for anonymous ... I used to be like you & now, thank God, my rigidity has changed. If you want to make abortion the litmus test, fine. But you need to account for real world situations where women are trapped in a bad relationship & things happen. I am dealing with a situation now & the guilt this really terrific lady has had over the last 25+ years is so big that it has almost destroyed her as a person. She is a good lady --- a wonderful, kind, sweet & caring lady --- who was in a situation that no one should ever have to be in. You can blame it on bad decisions or whatever, but until you are in that situation you really need to back off. Putting more societal guilt on someone when they already feel damaged & have low self-worth doesn't do the here-&-now any good. So back off. And get off the moral high horse while you're at it.

Robert said...

I am another Georgian agreeing completely with your post. It is great to see such reason in the mist of what stupid things people are saying. They are scared but should have got concerned long before now. Such hatred from everyday people we associate with is the scary thing.