Monday, July 6, 2009

One More Republican Heard From

NY Congressman Pete King calls Michael Jackson a "low life" and a "pervert" in a You Tube video. He says that the coverage of Jackson's death is "too politically correct," whatever that means. He is yet another Republican, playing to the base, but too far out of touch to understand Jackson's following.

I think Jackson had personal issues, not unlike so many others of his profession. I also think that the coverage of his death is way out of bounds. But I feel that way about most super celebrity deaths and other major events in their lives. I agree with the Congressman that the real heroes do not get the coverage they deserve, but I do not blame it on Michael Jackson. I blame it on our perverted love affair with celebrities.

Congressman, you are typical of your ilk. You play to the base, but you lose in the big picture. Like your darling from Alaska, you do not get it. Your party is so far out of touch with most of America at this point, that you will take years to catch up. I would not count on winning the Senate seat that you seek. Not unless you clean up your act.

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Diane J Standiford said...

Look at them. Different clothes, same faces decade after decade...who WOULDN'T grow old?