Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Don't Get It.. Someone Explain It to Me

As I watched news reports today of the Jackson memorial, and there were way too many of them, I simply could not understand the tears...and the hard earned money spent on someone these people did not know and who would have spent not a penny on them. People actually flew to Los Angeles from England. ENGLAND! Can you imagine it? What is wrong with us?

This man sang and danced. HE SANG AND DANCED! That's it. Little else. He made millions and squandered them. What did he do to deserve the attention...and the tears...and the tax money spent in a state that is on the verge of bankruptcy? There were the charitable contributions, but nothing that would deserve this kind of accolade.

Will the world turn out for Bill Cosby who has given millions to education, or Bill Gates, who has given more than millions to charities around the world? Will tears be shed on street corners for these two guys. Will people spend thousands on tickets to their funerals? There are so many others. Soldiers who have died heroically. Firemen, police officers, rescue people. Valiant people who put their lives on the line for others.

All Michael Jackson did was sing and dance. It is a sad commentary on our society that we worship entertainers. I remember Elvis' death. Friends were visiting us and one had to call her sister immediately upon hearing of his death, so she would hear it from her, not the TV or radio. She was afraid that her sister might have a wreck or collapse. He was a singer and actor, for God's sake. She didn't even know him, nor did he know that she existed.

I feel regret, when a great entertainer passes on. That person's voice is forever silenced or their hands no longer work magic on the keys or the strings. We will no longer experience their live performances. I do not shed tears. I am a fan of many entertainers, but I do not lose sleep or pay exorbitant amounts of money to travel to their funerals. If it is someone particularly prominent enough to have their funeral broadcast on TV, someone such as a president, I may watch, if I have the opportunity. If I were working, I would not call in sick.

I simply do not understand it. Would someone please explain it to me?


Dirk said...

You're so right about this & I've often wondered why many people idolize celebrities. You put it very well, the man sang & danced. Very talented, but sang & danced nonetheless. I don't get it either. We're just a few hundred years beyond these folks being court jesters & wandering minstrels, & at the time were considered low class. Now we put them on pedestals, & from what I very occasionally read about Hollywood celebrities, they would much prefer to be treated like ordinary people even though there are just as many that enjoy the godlike adoration. Thinking about it as I'm writing this, I don't think there is a rational explanation.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

My grandmother referred to them as "old show people." They were worth little to her. Many of them do wish to be left alone and it can be done if they want it that way. Many of them lead wacky lives as Jackson did and relish the attention, yet complain when their nude beach, boat or balcony pictures and their personal lives are put on the front pages.