Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pray Obama Fails?

Today, I perused Worldnetdaily.com to see what kind of garbage they were spewing about the inauguration. I ran across a very anti-American article by the site's founder, Joseph Farah, entitled, "Pray Obama Fails." In his hatred of Obama, Mr. Farah also shows his lack of concern for his country.

If President Obama fails, the country will fall further into an abyss from which it would surely have trouble rebounding. Millions will continue to suffer, and the future of the United States as we know it could very well be in doubt. Of course, Mr. Farah would be delighted. The small minded revolutionaries that he represents would be poised to assume power and begin to turn this country into another Iran or Afghanistan. The primary difference would be that Farah's ilk would purport to be Christian.

To publicly state that you want to see your country fail is in my book almost treasonous. Certainly, Mr. Farah would call it such, were the shoe on the other foot. He would be shaking with anger at such a column, if it had been written by, say, Bill Moyers. Farah would call for his head on a platter and demand that NPR and PBS immediately cancel any agreements that they might have with such an abominable man.

Mr. Farah, you and your Neanderthals should crawl back under your rocks. You are in the minority. If Obama succeeds, you will be marginalized for years to come, thankfully. The young people, who are so excited about their government will probably vote Democratic for the rest of their lives. The African-Americans, who see such a fine role model at the helm of this country, will be excited about what they may be able to accomplish in their futures.

We face an uncertain future, but I hope and pray that the new President succeeds. I don't want to see this country driven into the ground. I want my son to have a bright future in a country that remains free to all, not to a fundamentalist Christian few, who continue to try to force their theology on the rest of us. You are wrong, Mr. Farah. You are anti-American Mr. Farah, and I would question whether God really wants to hear from you and your kind.


goooooood girl said...

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That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Well said! I had not seen that article. Good job.

BTW, can you get me goooooood girl's phone #? Wow! (Just joking, though the pic is, WOW!)

Rod in Rabun Gap said...

I haven't seen this either, but he isn't the only one. And then there was Pat Robertson, I believe, a few years ago praying for Supreme Court justices to die so that Bush could replace them with ultra-conservative judges, also advocating that we use the CIA to assasinate South American leaders that were as vocal in teir opposition to Bush, as Bush was with them. Zeaots and fanatics are dangerous, no matter what their purported religion is.