Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

Hillary Clinton arrived at the State Department today to a rousing welcome from staffers. It must be a breath of fresh air to government employees countrywide. Having worked in government and known so many dedicated staff, morale often reached an ebb when bad leadership kept you from doing your job.

In any job, if you are dedicated and believe in what you do and your superiors are dedicated to tearing down what you do, then you and the job suffer. For eight years the Bush Regime tore down regulations and prohibited departments from doing what they were set up to do. The EPA wasn't allowed to continue to clean up the land water and air. The State Department wasn't allowed to deal effectively with other nations. The Defense and Justice Departments were forced to incriminate themselves. It has been a mess with corruption government wide. There have been thousands of good dedicated employees, who left jobs that they loved or were fired for effectively doing their jobs or questioning tasks that were assigned to them.

Hopefully, the new administration will clean up the mess left behind. And a mess it is. The last eight years of mismanagement have cost this country so much in money and moral degradation. There is some light, even through the dark that was left behind. Let's hope that the Lindsey Grahams and John McCains of the Republican world are not marginalized by the radicals that remain in Congress and that a new beginning will continue. One thing is certain, the mood of the country is more positive, and those who question for purely partisan reasons are going to fail in the eyes of the voters.


Dirk said...

The corruption in the Federal government is certainly not limited to the "last eight years", the Republican party, or any other one entity or individual. Washington corruption, bought and paid for politicians is government-wide, Democrats, Republicans, & whatever else we have up there. Obama won't change that, nor will the pork be eliminated. ALL of the politicians in Washington benefit too much from it. That's why it never changes. They all get kickbacks from special interests, they all get large campaign contributions from special interests, among other things.

The "positive" mood (euphoria) surrounding Obama's election is fading. Obama has already drawn the ire of some of those who elected by what he has done in office already. Once he gains momentum in Congress, which he will with a Democrat majority, especially during the "honeymoon" period, I think there are going to be a lot of raised eyebrows to say the least.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

I don't think you understood the post, Dirk. I also do not think that Obama has raised much ire yet among his supporters. Certainly, any President does. I think it will be good if Congress doesn't rubber stamp everything he wants as it did for Bush. Total power breeds corruption as it did for Bush.

Dirk said...

I got the post, I was just commenting on a small part of it ("It has been a mess with corruption government wide.") & singling out the Bush administration. Corruption has been the "name of the game" in Washington, both parties, for many, many years long before either George Bush took office.