Monday, January 12, 2009

Nightmare in Gaza

Do the Israelis really have to kill hundreds of Palestinians, including mothers and children to stop Hamas' rockets from being launched into Israel? Do the Israeli's not understand that they are only deepening the hatred of themselves by the unnecessary killing? Do they really care? My opinion, no to all.

They have made feeble attempts to alert the Palestinians, when they are going to bomb or shell. However, when there are millions of people squeezed into a small area, exactly what do the Israelis expect them to do? If they go down the street, they are just as likely to be killed as not. It is more like a turkey shoot than anything. "Shooting in amongst them" as Jerry Clower used to say, accomplishes little more than a massacre. It is such a sad story to see such military might used against civilians with such little apparent regret. It is sadder to see our country doing so little to try to stop it.

These attacks by Israel every year or two always kill many, many more Arabs than Israelis and only deepens the resolve of those who would see Israel destroyed. Just as the United States' actions in Iraq were recruiting fuel for Islamic fundamentalist hate groups, so are the actions of Israel each time hundreds or thousands are killed at the hands of Israel's U.S. supplied army. Those young children, who see their brothers, sisters, parents and extended family killed by the Israeli army, are fodder in the hands of extremists. How easy it must be to eventually recruit them as suicide bombers or other soldiers, marching against the hated Israelis and Americans.

For the last eight years we have encouraged Israel's bullying behavior. Granted they have to defend themselves, but do they have to massacre so many in the process? Surely there are better ways to accomplish their goals. They didn't succeed with this kind of action in Lebanon a couple of years ago, nor will they succeed this time. If their goal is to lower the population of Palestine, they are doing so, but I have grave doubts that they will bring an end to violent attacks on themselves. Instead, they may very well have ensured even worse attacks against their homeland.


Dirk said...

The answer to your first question is yes. While this may sound dispicable, the reason why is what is really dispicable. The Palestinians are kidnapping children for use as human shields on the frontlines, firing from residential buildings, & even herding children onto the roof of one of their weapons factories targeted by the IDF. So who's really committing the atrocities? The Palestinians against their own people.

In spite of it all, Israel has gone way above & beyond in humanitarian aid to the civilian population. But, none of this will ever be reported by such news outlets as CNN, of course.

I've made a post in my journal with photos & a video that was sent to me by Carolyn, No Apologies Round 2 that shows the Palestinian war crimes.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

I saw it, Dirk and it explains nothing. The problem is that no matter where the Israelis fire into such a densely populated area they are going to kill innocents. They know that, but they keep doing it. I don't doubt that Hamas is hiding in populated areas and that they have caused the unnecessary deaths of innocents. The Israelis have admitted that they have made some mistakes with their mortars and bombings. This entire thing needs to stop, no matter who is to blame, and in my opinion, neither Hamas and the Israelis are blameless, but the Israelis have greater firepower. Few of Hamas' rockets have killed Israelis, but the Israelis are laying waste to Gaza and its people. At the same time they are creating a great deal of hatred that will continue to follow them. They are losing in the long run each time they do this kind of thing.

Rod in Rabun Gap said...

The problem is deeper than actions taken in recent history, by either the Arabs, Palestinians, or the Israeli's, as atrocious as many of the actions by all have been. The Zionist movement with the help of western weapons, troops, money, and advisors invaded an area, forced people from their traditional homes and into exile and refugee camps that have been permanent, with little or no efforts to resettle them, or to reimburse them for what was taken. A Palestinian homeland was promised by the British and Israeli leadership, and totally ignored therafter, with U.S. complicity. While it is true that many Arabs and Palestinians will never accept any terms for peace except the destruction of Israel, the majority probably do desire peace and self rule as opposed to the present situation. And poll after poll of Israeli citizens show that most Israelis are in favor of pulling out of Gaza and the other disputed territories and forming an independent Palestinian state. It is also true that Israel has made efforts at humanitarian aid in the Palestinian areas, but they have been token and half hearted at best. They have also been seen to withhold aid and food in much needed areas as well. Their inhumane actions far outweigh their humane ones.
I understand the biblical perspective of standing with Israel, and protecting her from destruction. We helped form this state, and put these people in this area. We are now in a position of having to aid them, not only from a biblical perspective, but from one of compassion and concern for their safety. But we can offer protection without tolerating their aggressive actions against a civilian population that throws rocks. The Syrians and others are providing arms and bullets to Hamas and other factions, but if we, and I mean us putting pressure on Israel to offer more in concessions to land and autonomy with the threat of pulling back on, first, economic aid to Israel, and if that doesn't work, then restricting our military aid to them, I'd be willing to bet hard money that they would find ways to placate the Palestinians and their Arab benefactors.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Great comment, Rod. Until we put real pressure on Israel, they will continue to bully the Palestinians. We did not help matters by failing to recognize the duly elected Hamas leadership, but placed them in an even stronger position by withdrawing aid. We forget, and GW Bush never knew, of course, that most of the Israeli leaderhip of the last 50 years were once, "terrorists," but we have supported them. The blowing up of the King David hotel was accomplished by several who became recognized Israeli leaders.