Monday, December 29, 2008

War to the "Bitter End"

Israel has promised war to the bitter end in its quest to defeat Hamas in Gaza. Our lame duck administration is, of course, doing little to convince the Israelis that war to the bitter end may not be the solution to their problem. It seems that each attack does little more than to stiffen the Arab resolve to destroy Israel.

The Bush Regime always does very little in trying to restrain Israel. This time it has asked Israel to try to minimize civilian casualties. Actually, there is little Bush can do. The Arabs do not trust him, and Israel has so little respect for the hand that continues to feed them, that they will turn a deaf ear. All they know is to attack and destroy. Obviously, they have to respond to the rocket attacks, but, as usual, they destroy everything in sight, assuming I suppose that the United States will eventually spend billions to rebuild. It is time that they foot the bill for their destruction, using their own funds, not our aid.

The Bush Regime supported free elections in Palestine, but refused to respect the will of the Palestinian people, when they voted in Hamas. Instead, Bush cut off aid, leaving the Palestinians to fend for themselves and giving Hamas an even greater stake in Palestine's fate. As the old saying goes, "you can't have your cake and eat it too."

Now the mess has gotten worse, and the United States is impotent, with no desire to control Israel and absolutely no way of dealing with Hamas. The Middle East continues to be a powder keg with Israel as the primary target. Each time Israel kills more Arabs indiscriminately, the hatred intensifies.

If the Arabs ever unite against the Israelis, one has to wonder what the outcome will be and which side the U.S. will take. The Israelis, after all, have no oil and for all practical purposes, we owe them nothing. Yet, they do not have the resources to defeat all of the Arab world, unless we assist, or they use their nuclear power. Lord help us all, if that happens.

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