Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chambliss Wins In Georgia, How Embarrassing!

Once again I'm sorry to say that I am from Georgia. This man, who never served in the military defamed a Georgia hero and won six years ago. Since then, he has been a hawk, eager to send men and women to their deaths as a shill for the Bush Regime. He stooped low enough to bring in the Wasilla Hillbilly to campaign for him.

I simply cannot see how Republicans can continue to send men like Chambliss and Paul Broun to serve in Congress, and even seem to consider running the Alaskan Bimbo for president in 2012. There are many good Republicans, somewhere, I know, who are not yes men and women, and who will stand up for what is right and ethical, regardless of what the party says. People, for example, like Richard Lugar and Everett Dirkson. I once thought John McCain was one of those. Now, it is clear that he isn't much better than Chambliss, Boun, and, yes, Palin.

Unfortunately, we have to put up with Chambliss for six years before something can be done. I guess I will have to continue writing him letters, only to get a party line, arrogant response. At least our other Republican senator, Isaakson, seems to be a good man.

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Anonymous said...

You keep making fun of good people and you will be called to account "for every idle word". mom2