Monday, November 3, 2008

What Will Comedian Rush Limbaugh Say Now?

When Barrack Obama visited his ailing grandmother in Hawaii recently, Rush Simplebaugh opined that there was no sick grandma. Instead, Limpbaugh tried to re-ignite an already dead issue. Obama, he said, was visiting Hawaii because of his "fake" birth certificate.

I wonder what Lemmingbaug will say now. I suppose there was never a grandmother and he will say that the casket will be empty. After all, will we ever see a picture of Ms. Dunham in repose? Of course not, she never existed. Those pictures of Obama and his grandparents are fakes. He was really born in Kenya and somehow, came to the United States as part of a Muslim sleeper cell, where he waits to take over the country tomorrow and deliver it to Iran in January. Pray people, pray!

It must be a really difficult and bittersweet time for Mr. Obama. How difficult it must be to have to spend the last day of a campaign trying to win the presidency and having to mourn for one who has been such an integral part of what you are today. I was glad to hear that McCain had stepped out of the mud long enough to send his and his wife's condolences. There is a small bit of decency left, although there was no acknowledgement, when Obama went to visit his grandmother two weeks ago.

Rest in peace, Ms Dunham. Thank you for raising your grandson right.


Diane J Standiford said...

I can't stop thinking about what he must be feeling. Talk about bittersweet.

foxofbama said...


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Doug Robertson said...

I am surprised there is really enough audience for Limbaugh to keep him on air anyway, but this was beyond believable idiocy. And he wasn't alone. I tend to try to not listen to these folks more than necessary, and admire those of you who can actually do so and put into words pointing out the lunacy. I couldn't do it. I think as far as Obama, this has to be one of the saddest and happiest past few days of his life, I don't know he manages to deal with so much at once with such grace. He'll make a great president.