Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do We Need to Determine It to Get Along?

"The SBC is standing against today's culture in ways that upset liberals. We will find out in eternity who is wrong, but in the present time it seems like Satan is having a hey day stirring up folks against their brothers and sisters in Christ. That takes time away from presenting the gospel to a lost world. If we wish to compromise and get along in the world, it becomes difficult to determine who belongs to the Lord."

This is a comment about my recent post about the SBC and its determined effort to outlaw women pastors. Everyone has an opinion and certainly the right to voice that opinion. What bothers me most about this comment is the last sentence. "If we wish to compromise and get along in the world, it becomes difficult to determine who belongs to the Lord." I have known a number of pastors, who could get a good sermon out of that sentence.

Is it up to us to have to determine who belongs to the Lord before we interact with them? Isn't that His job, not ours? Are Christians supposed to "get along" and "compromise" only with Christians? If I spent my days worrying about whether the person I am working or dealing with "belongs to the Lord," I probably wouldn't be able to function.

I once worked with a young man, who became a slave to a fundamentalist church. At meetings he would eat alone. He never smiled at a joke. He would rarely interact with his fellow workers, socially, because his church told him that he should not be friends with "non-believers," i.e. non church members. He and his family lived a miserable life for a period, until they finally broke away. After much therapy he is now a happy man and a great friend to his co-workers, who stood by him even in his dark times, when he rejected them. He and his family are now active members of a Baptist church in his community.

As this person says, we will only find out in eternity who "belongs to the Lord." That is between each person and his God. As the Bible says, judge not... I often make comments about people who seem to hate so much, yet they profess to be Christians. Jesus taught us to love our fellow man. He put his arms around those who were different. He didn't run from them or push them away.

The emails that I have received over the last few months spewing lies and outright hatred against the President elect, came in several instances from professed Christians. I haven't judged them, but I have sure asked exactly how it is that they speak of prayer and thanksgiving out of one side of their mouth, while spewing hatred and lies out of the other.

Focus on the Family, the Morman Church and other Christian organizations spent millions to effect the defeat of Proposition 8 in California. Focus on the Family spent so much, they are having to lay off employees. My community food bank could sure have used some of that money. Our local drug counseling organizations could have used it to fight the meth problem in our area. So many people are hurting right now and that church money went to a political campaign. Tax free, I might add.

All of this sure makes me wonder... As the comment says, we will find out in eternity.


Anonymous said...

While you rant on about the money wasted by Focus on the Family or any other good organization, just take a few minutes more to think about all the unaccountable dollars raised by your messiah candidate and think of all the poor that could have been fed with those dollars that were used to buy power for a man. mom2

Georgia Mountain Man said...

You can't use campaign money to buy food for the hungry, unfortunately. I do agree with you, however. I think the money spent on political campaigns, particularly presidential ones, is obscene. Between Obama and McCain the two of them could have financed the bailout.

I don't know why you keep referring to Obama as "your messiah candidate." He ran for president and I supported him. He isn't god and he won't work miracles. Hopefully, he will do a good job and he won't be anti-Contitution like Bush and Cheny.

Anonymous said...

Obama set records and so much of if was never verified. Odd amounts donations, unidentifiable small credit card (the type you can buy at your local Wal-Mart) donations.
Did you see any of the interviews with some of his supporters and their knowledge of political office holders in the US? And you expect WHAT from him? mom2

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Did Obama get Walmart gift cards as donations? I didn't see any interviews that you are talking about, but I saw Sarah Palin interviewed and she didn't know squat about much of anything. I'm sure there were plenty of Obama and McCain voters who know very little about the American political process. I don't see what any of this has to do with the post.

Anonymous said...

You work hard to remain blind, don't you? Your loyalty to a political party has you more excited than your spiritual concern. I no longer care if you wish to sleep, I tried. mom2

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Yes, you did, and you can sleep better at night for having done it. Who knows, someday we might agree on more things. At any rate, I enjoy your comments, because you don't agree with me. You have challenged me to read points of view that I didn't know existed. That is not bad.