Monday, August 18, 2008

The Real (Rich)John McCain

"The REAL McCain is a multimillionaire who owns ten luxurious homes. The REAL McCain backs President Bush's tax cuts for big corporations. The REAL McCain empathizes only with the interests of our nation's wealthy minority, not its money-strapped majority. But far too many are buying into McCain's deceit because the corporate press won't present the whole picture, so we created this video to educate the public about the REAL McCain."


Remember this. McCain didn't work for this wealth. He married into it after an extramarital relationship with his current wife Cindy Hensley, the rich beer heiress. His first wife was seriously injured in an automobile accident while he was a POW. She refused to allow this information to be sent to him, for she feared what it might do to his morale. When he returned to find her on crutches and overweight, he began to cheat on her, eventually finding Cindy Hensley to cavort with. He married her two months after his divorce. After all she was wealthy with good political connections, so why not go for it? So far it has worked well for him.

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Doug B said...

McCain might not be a conservative's dream come true, but certainly his GOP credentials are solid. And the funneling of wealth towards the top would only continue under a McCain administration. Good post!