Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hillary, Enough is Enough!

Hillary Clinton should quit. It's that simple. There is no need for her to continue a losing battle, when the Democrats need to be working on McCain and making clear the issues that separate the two parties.

Two years ago it appeared that she would be the nominee. Then, suddenly, this upstart from Illinois came on the national scene, and it became very clear that he could motivate the voters in a way that she could not. It must have been very disconcerting to see the nomination slipping from her grasp. It is quite like the veteran athlete, who can't give up his dream, so he continues to fight on even as his age begins to take a toll on his skills. Still he continues to tell himself and everyone who will listen, that he can still do it. He still has some good years left, if only a team will give him the chance. Sadly, he becomes a shadow of his former self. The fans forget the glory years and see a has been, who has outstayed his welcome.

So Hillary fights on, telling her supporters that she can still do it. She can still win the nomination and be the best one to take on John McCain in the fall. Yet, her support continues to erode. In desperation she plays the race card once again, saying that Obama can't get the blue collar white vote. She pulls out all the stops and embarrasses herself, when she doesn't know how to operate a coffee machine in a "stop and rob." She throws more of her personal money down the black hole of her campaign funding. Why? Her pride and her refusal to admit that she has lost that on which her heart had been set.

As I watch and listen, I almost feel sorry for her. She can't admit that she has lost. She seems to be trying to convince herself almost as much as the voters, that she can still do it. Just like the old ball player who finally realizes that he simply can't do it any longer and must walk away from the glory of the spotlight, Hillary must throw in the towel. She must put on a happy face and provide the support that Obama needs to defeat John McCain and the war mongering, big spending Republicans in November.

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