Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Bush links optimism for Mideast reform to democratic Israel" ??

When I saw the above headline, I had to post a comment. This is yet another example of the Bush naivete. His statement, basically summarized, is that Israel's stable democracy in the midst of a hostile area should be an example to the surrounding countries. Thus, it gives him an opportunity to sell democracy to her neighbors.

Who is this man kidding? Does he really think that the Arab countries want to learn anything from Israel's example? In reality the only thing Israel's neighbors want to hear from her is that she is folding her tent and moving out. If he thinks that he can sell anything to the Arab world using Israel as an example, I wish him luck.

It is truly a shame that he waited until the last few months of his presidency to try to use diplomacy in the Middle East. I suppose that he didn't want to be the only President in his era not to try to bring some sort of peace to the region, especially since he is responsible for the destabilization of so much of it. Unfortunately, he will fail. He does not have diplomatic experience, and apparently, neither does anyone in his administration. His track record with the Arab world hasn't been stellar. As my mother would have said, I don't expect they would trust him any farther than I can throw a bull by the tail.

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