Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sonny Perdue for VP? You Must Be Joking!

I have seen Sonny Perdue's name come up in recent months as a possible candidate for VP. Now the Atlanta Journal is exploring that possibility once again. All I can say is, "you must be joking." The man has been basically a do nothing governor. He accidentally won the governor's office, when his opponent stumbled and fell. In fact he was so unprepared to be governor he had no agenda. His staff didn't know what to do.

He won his second term because he, basically, had no opponent. He talked ethics, then showed that he had little ethics himself, when it was found that his friend got a midnight bill passed to give him a tax break on property that he sold in Florida. His administration turned down the purchase of a pristine piece of property, then he was involved in it's private purchase.

Perdue has made poor choices to head state agencies. Under his administration the GA DOT went from a national leader to total disarray. It can't even keep up with its contractors. Basically, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing now in that agency. The state's child welfare agency is poorly run, as are the mental hospitals.

The State's environmental laws are methodically being dismantled under Perdue. Its coast, long known for pristine barrier islands, is now in danger of being overdeveloped because of the loosening of regulations. He touts conservation, but is heavily supported by developers.

I spend a few hours with this man not long before I retired from state government, when he wasted many state dollars over the course of a day, hedgehopping across the state to sign a bill in several different communities. He was rude and arrogant in private, but he flipped a switch and put on the smile, when the voters appeared.

Oh, once he prayed for rain and the rains came. However, rain was in the forecast, when the prayer vigil was announced.

The only good thing I can say about his being VP is that, "he ain't no Dick Cheney."

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