Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Four Years of Bush?

As "W" endorsed the McCain campaign, I couldn't help but think about the fact that McCain has been sounding more like Bush each day. That spells trouble for the country, because we could face another four years of Bush policies, if McCain is elected. McCain continues to talk about the "surge" and how we must continue in Iraq as long as necessary. He has endorsed the right-wing Christian policies and talks about appointing judges, who will be biased in favor of the right. In other words, so-called "activist" judges, who will put aside the Consitution in favor of social issues. Sound familiar?

McCain, who once would criticize Bush almost at the drop of a hat, is now suffering memory loss. He blames the mess in Iraq on Rumsfeld, and fails to remember that Rumsfeld was carrying out the White House's policies. The only reason the 2nd invasion of Iraq is working this time is because the White House has stayed out of it. Prior to now, if a General spoke the truth in Iraq, he was immediately replaced. Rumsfeld was only replaced because of the extreme pressure placed on Bush, not because Bush disagreed with him. He was Bush's puppet.

If McCain is elected, we can be sure of continued involvement in Iraq, continued assault on our civil rights from the defense agencies, and a Supreme Court that will take further freedoms from us through backward thinking decisions. The people of this country who cannot afford health care, or are close to losing it, and those who suffer from abject poverty will continue to be forgotten. The middle class will contine to shrink as the rich get big tax cuts. In the event you haven't noticed, these issues have been completely ignored by the Republican candidates, with the possible exception of Ron Paul. The long winter's night of the last 7 seven years could be extended for another four years, unless we, the voters, speak and speak loudly.

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