Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Cancer of the Southern Baptist Convention

This article appeared in the Atlanta Journal this weekend. Shorter University has always been a respected institution of higher learning in Georgia, but now, under the iron fisted rule of the now right wing Southern Baptist Convention, it may very well begin losing its prestigious standing. "Pledges" have become the weapon of choice for right wing nuts to use against their followers to attempt to keep them under "control." They mean little, but easily serve as a tool of retribution against anyone who might fall out of favor.

This kind of regressive thinking is beginning to permeate the SBC and its institutions of higher learning. Some very prestigious schools, including Wake Forest and, Mercer Universities, have managed to assert their independence from this cancer that is spreading fast. Others, like Shorter haven't been so fortunate. A relative of mine, a science professor, was recently terminated from a position at a small SBC school in southern GA, as the school fights for its life amidst a switch from liberal arts to the hard line Bible rhetoric that the SBC is adopting. A nearby small Baptist school recently touted its new creationist research center.

It will probably be only a matter of time before these schools adopt even harsher codes of conduct, prompting students to begin reporting on each other and staff. Even worse they will begin witch hunts to "cleanse" gays and lesbians from the campus, along with anyone else that they determine to be a "non Christian."

It is sad to see good institutions fall under the spell of such Dark Ages thinking. In the end the institution will be the loser along with graduates, who may very well become ashamed to admit being an alumnus.


Ahab said...

I agree that Shorter University's "personal lifestyle statement" is unethical. In its attempt to weed out people it disagrees with, it forbids adults from engaging in perfectly legal behaviors. To boot, it's homophobic.

Speaking of religious schools, did you read about CBS expelling a transgender student?

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Ahab,wow they did a background check on a student! I was not aware of this story. What a recruiting tool! I can't imagine attending a college where I would be spied upon by the administration. Typical of the "new" Baptist Church.

Diane J Standiford said...

This story was all over Facebook, yeah, pretty pathetic. I found that when I read the Bible it had more SEX and violence than anything I'd ever read! Well, all I can say is, NOW those college folk will do it with baby goats! (NO WHERE in the Holy Book does it say you can't do a baby goat.) (I mean, after all, that is THEIR 'go to' for the idea of allowing gay marriage. "Next we will be allowing marriage to animals!" I feel really sad for those college folks.

thatboyaintright said...

This is really sad. Shameful. I'm afraid my alma mater has been over taken by Fascists and will soon be no better than Truett McConnell College. I am speechless.

Stephen Fox said...

Active discussion at SBC Trends on this very topic.
I get word from some of the Shorter Extended family former President Rob Nash will have a letter published in the Rome News Tribune this weekend. Many of you will want to keep an online eye out for that.
I am hoping maybe the Rome Film Festival will have Vera Farmiga and her film Higher Ground in this fall. A discussion of that film and The White Ribbon with Rachel Held Evans of Evolving in Monkeytown on Panel with Nelson Price could lead to some Divine Revelations.
I will link your blog to the discussion at
And thanks for the kind word about my hometown revenant W.J. Cash

Justyn Powell said...

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