Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Musings and a Break

As of late, I have been taking a break from blogging. I have often felt a need to post, but couldn't get up the energy to do it. The political scene, which I often post about, is very disheartening. The Democratic Party had an opportunity to change the direction of this country, but unfortunately, with lackluster leadership from the President and the Congress, and a GOP pent upon destroying the political process, little has really been accomplished in the first two years, beyond a watered down health care law.

Now the GOP has been hijacked by an extremist, racist, bigoted group of small minded individuals, which has appealed to the baser side of society, much like the NAZI's in post WWI Germany. Unfortunately, the election of an African-American President, was the catalyst that appears to be throwing the country out of gear. The coming election, if the polls are correct, could be a devastating blow to this country.

One can only hope that Democrats will turn out in large numbers, but I fear that the enthusiasm of two years ago has been dampened by the disappointments of recent months. As of this moment, the Democrats with their less than stellar record of late are the only hope. Surely, independent voters in this country are wise enough not to put Republicans back in power after the devastation of the eight Bush years. Bush and Cheney were moderates compared to the so-called Tea Partiers. These people are totally racist and bigoted toward non-Caucasians, non-Christians, and gays. They have no sensible platform on which to run, only their negative prejudices, which appeal to the small minded voters.

President Obama has two more years to get his act in gear. If he does not provide strong leadership to the Democratic Party, he may very well be the 21st Century's version of Neville Chamberlain. This country could fall into a right-winged, extreme abyss from which it might not recover, at least in the form that we have known it for over 200 years.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Unfortunately, you are spot on. The Tea Partiers claim to support the Constitution, but they want to ignore civil rights for minorities & then impose a false "history" on the document to make it say something it never said. I worry about religious liberty & the wall of separation between church & state. The extremists play on the faithful's emotions to - for now - merely tolerate non-Christian faiths (as they define Christian). That toleration is one step removed from liberty & another step removed from all-out discrimination.

Great post. Keep up the good work.

Doug B said...

I've greatly missed your posts. I think you nailed it with this one. I've lost so much interest in politics. Hope is pretty much gone with me.

Diane J Standiford said...

I miss your posts too. But I still think the good guys will rally. When Reagan was re-elected I wanted to kill myself. I imagined the worst, but such times make the lazy-ass liberals get up and strike back. IF your scenario happens, I feel confident the creept Tea Party bigots will be exposed for all they are. I am angry with all those who gave Obama less than TWO YEARS to fix SIX DISASTERS of a dimwit presidency.

Shannon said...

I posted on your last entry wondering where you were and hoping you were okay since it had been a month. Good to see another post!
It just baffles my mind what is going on in the country with the whole tea party/Republicans getting more and more outrageous and Democrats lying down and rolling over while the crazies rally and the media promotes it. It almost makes you numb because it's just so ridiculous and hard to believe that it could go on current day.