Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eric Johnson Annointed by God?

“My ministry in elected office is probably over. It was a wonderful journey. There is no doubt that I was called and I answered. There is always joy in that. God certainly has blessed me.” - Georgia State Senator, Eric Johnson (R) Savannah.

This poor politician just lost his run for the Republican nomination for Governor of GA, and it addled him so badly that he thinks God anointed him, called him, to be the Senator from Savannah. I know the GOP THINKS that it is God's party, but I certainly am not aware that God has been "calling" them to political office. The last time I checked an election was required to attain such a position. Leave it to the GOP to try to fit God into an election loss. I suppose that it was God's will that Johnson remove himself from the Senate. I know that I am thankful that God chose to do so. That's one more disagreeable Republican out of office.


Diane J Standiford said...

Too funny. Sounds like a whackadoo. Again, we are not supposed to mix church and state for a reason.(said as if speaking to a 3 year old)

Doug B said...

This folks always have a higher opinion of themselves and their importance than is called for.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Johnson certainly didn't hear correctly if God called him to run but he lost so badly. So who messed up: God or Johnson? Or did Johnson just use God as an excuse? Beware of politicians who tell of God's Will.