Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moderate Republicans Will Survive as Independents

Gov. Charlie Crist has switched his status to Independent. Once regarded as a front runner for John McCain's VP running mate (McCain probably rues that day he didn't choose him.), Crist has fallen behind the GOP teabagger candidate, Rubio in the polls for the Florida GOP primary senate race. Yet as an independent Crist leads the extremist, Rubio.

Since moderates have become unpopular in the new teabagger, extremist GOP, we will most likely see more GOP candidates going "mavericky" as independents, as they face the Palinista candidates. Since most close races are normally decided by moderate and independent voters, it is likely that GOP moderates, facing opposition by the extremists will move to independent status. Another sign of the impending doom of a GOP overrun by the racist, extremist teabaggers?

The rise of these moderate independents may signal the rise of a new conservative party that will be more inclusive and closer to the center. If that is the case, Democrats may face a huge problem as an alternative party for moderate Republicans, who cannot stomach the racist and extreme rhetoric of the GOP Palinista teabaggers, begins to form. It might very well appeal to moderate Libertarian-leaning voters, who cannot stomach the extreme edges of that party, not to mention more moderate Democrats. This might be the straw that brings moderation to U.S. politics. Lord knows any group with Sarah Palin at the forefront won't be able to survive for very long.

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Diane J Standiford said...

I am fascinated by the move of Crist---perhaps he is about to be outed and thinks this is his only way to stay in politics...your post is interesting; I can't wait to see where the GOP goes next.