Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care, Republicans, and the Future

Now that the big bad ogre of health care reform will soon be on the books, what lies in the future for the opposition? Will US citizens accept it? How will Republicans and their vile, racist, military arm, the teabaggers, oppose it? It is interesting to ponder these questions.

Some Republicans are suggesting that their opposition to health care reform may be their final downfall. Millions of our citizenry have no health care for various reason. They may be jobless. They may have a pre-existing condition. They may simply be unable to afford it, yet they do not qualify for Medicare. What are they thinking about the backward Republicans and their minions? What about the millions who voted for the President because of his stand on health care reform? These people may very well be the "silent majority."

We are hearing, mostly, from the vile and vocal teabaggers, but their primary goal isn't to kill health care, although, killing appears to be in their vision. They are lead by an extreme and racist element, which is in the minority in most sections of the country, except the south. The Republican leadership is playing to them, but are their numbers really high enough to make a real difference? I seriously doubt it. The teabaggers talk big about sending incumbents home, but their primary goal is to send Democratic incumbents home. They are not going to touch John Boener and his crowd. Here in GA the Republican Senators and Congressmen are safe. All Republican elected officials are safe unless they profess to be anywhere to the left of Hitler or Stalin. Actually, I suppose I should have used Cromwell as an example, since he was a Puritan, and Puritans are heroes of the right wing Christian elements.. Hitler and Stalin were leftist, atheistic, Socialists.

I think the teabaggers will make it through the fall elections...maybe. They will for the most part be history by 2012. I will be surprised if Obama does not win in 2012. I think the passage of the health care bill and subsequent legislation that will be passed by the Democrats will change the minds of independents and any Democrats that may have been wavering. The man is doing what he was elected to do. I think it has taken him awhile to figure out that he must forget about the obstructionist Republicans and move his agenda forward. He does not seem to be worried about whether he will lose votes or not. He is interested in doing what he promised to do. That, in my mind, is what elected officials should be doing. It is what some of the teabaggers truly want, but they are too blinded by their hatred to see it.


Dirk said...


All the polls, CNN, Rasmussen, whoever, have consistently shown that the majority of Americans oppose this healthcare bill. An even greater majority, in the 60% range, believed the current bill should have been scrapped & Congress start over.

As for "obstructionist" Republicans: it wasn't the Republicans that were causing the problems in getting it passed. It was many of Obama's fellow Democrats. The Republicans have such a small minority in Congress that they can't obstruct anything. There were 34 Democrats that ended up voting against it, and the margin was not exactly overwhelming.

rainlillie said...
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rainlillie said...

The reason most folks were against the bill is because of the lies the GOP put out about it. As time goes by and folks see the benefits kicking in the numbers will change.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

You are exactly right, Rain. I am seeing comments from Facebook Friends that are so far from the realities of the bill. It is amazing, but FOX Noise reaches a lot of people.

Diane J Standiford said...

GMM, I hope you are right. I don't buy the polls. I've done my own polls and people were behind the bill. Not one person I polled, out of 45, were against it. Veterans, retired professors, working wmothers, black, white, Mexican, Kenyan, Jews and Gentiles, men, women, ages 20-92 from Maine to the state of Washington---and nobody was polled before. These often mentioned polls, where were they taken? What were the demographics? All I hear is the media throwing out numbers like they have been doing since the day Obama was elected. The violent Republicans need to be treated like any other attacker and jailed. The FBI and IRS should crack down on them. Liars beget liars. Violence begets violence. I hope the elections do a good sweep out and decent Republicans make a point that this is not THEM and vote for a Dem.---I'll go wish upon a star now. (A sweet ditty made famous my a big ol' facist)