Monday, February 8, 2010

Tim Tebow's Ad

Much ado over nothing. There was nothing wrong the Tebow ad that I saw. I didn't watch all of the game last night, but the one I saw said nothing about abortion or even hinted about it. The average person, who saw it, probably paid little attention to it or even realized the hidden message. As a matter of fact, the average football fan's response was, "hello, what was that doing on the Superbowl?" To the viewer acquainted with the sponsor, it left little to the imagination.

I think that the few of us who reacted prior to the ad's run, were a bit over the top. We expected some blatant ad complete with dead fetuses. Well, maybe not that far over the top, but something more obvious. Frankly, I think Focus on the Family wasted good money for an ad that made little sense to the un-informed, and that would include a pretty good number of us football fans.


Stephen Fox said...

Two things
1)I kinda disagree with you on the TEbow ad effect. For their purposes FOTF money was well spent with the TEbow ad for all the publicity it called.
It brought even more attention to Focus which is kinda morphing into a kinder gentler approach. has several columns on the Tebow effect I commend to your readers.
2) AND FOR more blog fodder, I think you will want to google or check this link about the Brunswick Ga Revolutionary Baptist Pastor at the Nashville Tea Party last week.

Will be checkin in


Georgia Mountain Man said...

FOX - After checking those links, I think I agree with YOU. I didn't realize what FOF is up to. I expect the writer is correct in that the lack of money will change the message.
As to the "political pastor" I've met the guy. Didn't know he was a preacher, however. Used to see him at Ft King George H.S. during re-enactments. I know well where the church is also. I lived on St. Simons off Brunswick for 8 years.

Doug Robertson said...

That is the most I have heard from that tricorn hat teabagger mascot, I was glad for the link. Of course he's another Reaganite and proud of it. Makes me bonkers how they go on about him, considering he pulled off doing a big chunk of what the tea people are so against, particularly in regard to taxes. He managed a tax cut in 1981, sure, but then he followed up raising taxes in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1986. In '83 raised taxes in fact to pay for Social Security & Medicare, i.e.... government run health care.