Friday, February 26, 2010

Oath Keepers: Read it and Weep. Better Yet, Shiver. This is Scary Suff

Just read this post on Mother Jones and see what the treasonous crazies are up do. It is an increasingly scary country in which we live, and the Republicans are in league with and attempting to enable these folks by gutting state gun control laws nationwide. It reeks of a power hungry mob that lost its control when Bush and Cheney left office. It probably also fears a mixed race president. My guess is that many of the folks are white supremacists and radical Christians who have united.


Doug Robertson said...

That is some scary shtuff, to be sure. What strikes me most, though, is how these individuals and groups seem to be out for Obama about issues that I would be more inclined to put on Bush and his bunch. Whoever is in their cross-hairs, though, doesn't matter as much as the fact they are there and scary as hell so radical and extremist. Supremacists to be sure, I would hardly call them Christian, though.

foxofbama said...


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