Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Duggars Are At it Again...and a Granddugger

I have to admit that on occasion I am fascinated by the Duggers. They are the Arkansas family that currently numbers 18 kids with another on the way. Last night I caught their TV show and found that their oldest son, who has been married a year or so, now has a child. Therefore there is a Granddugger. Why these people continue to overpopulate, I have never quite understood...until last night.

The young new father and mother were asked about whether they would continue the family legacy and have a herd of kids. Their response was that they had not planned such a family, but they would let God decide. I think that I now understand. Birth control in any form or fashion is, apparently, not in their vocabulary. I have news for them, God is not going to make that decision for them. They will make that decision by not controlling their baby making system in any way.

I was somewhat amused by Big Baby Mama Dugger, who said that she and Daddy Dugger had not planned another. It just happened. One would think that after 18 kids they would understand just how the system works. If you do "it" and you are as fertile as they apparently are, babies are going to happen. So, now they are expecting their nineteenth kid and it will be younger than their oldest grandchild. It kind of makes me think of the old song, "I Am My Own Grandpa."

These people are some kind of fundamentalist Christians, and today's fundamentalists are coming out now against any form of birth control, often likening it to a form of abortion. I suspect that the leaders of these groups want to increase their numbers through large families. They are very controlling of their children and bring them up in a sheltered way, refusing to expose them to other ideas. They ban TV, a source of outside information and they control the movies and books that their children read. In this way they raise a completely brainwashed child, who will have to break away in order to learn how the real world functions.


Vagabonde said...

Most scientists name overpopulation as the biggest problem in the world today, even before climate change. It is discussed a lot internationally but in this country the media stay silent on it – I guess they are afraid to upset all the people with large families. Almost 80 million people are added in the world each year – there won’t be enough clean water for everyone in the future at this rate. If people cared for their country, they would not reproduce like rabbits, this is why they were given a brain.

Anonymous said...

If they want and love their children and can provide for them, what business is it to you. They seem a happy family which is more than I can say for some of the posts on this site. God created this world and He is in control. He is coming again! Are you ready?

Doug B said...

I believe you are correct and that this is exactly how dumbth is spread. A commitment to not question authority is instilled early on.

Vagabonde said...

I read “anonymous” answer and I’d like to add that God gave the scientists the power to find medicine for contraception so that the world would not overpopulate. He knows that this earth cannot sustain billions and billions of humans.