Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baptist Preacher Prays for the President to Die and Go to Hell

This has to be the epitome of blasphemy. A preacher in the pulpit prays for the President to die and go to hell. And he calls himself a preacher. I cannot imagine a preacher in any church that I have ever attended standing in the pulpit and saying such a terrible thing. They were so much more intelligent. What would Jesus do? I kind of think he might run the so-called preacher out of the church like he ran the money lenders out of the temple. Don't you think?

This man, Steven Anderson, I will not refer to him again as a preacher, is stationed at the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona. The best part of this is that the Secret Service paid him a visit after the President's recent visit to Arizona. It seems that the wingnut, who was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle near the President's appearance there, is one of the Faithful Word Baptist Church's faithful. He was present at the service, when the other wingnut advocated death for the President. Can you say assassination?

I hope that the Secret Service keeps a very close eye on these two along with the rest of that congregation. He was not relieved of his position the next day, so it can be assumed that the other wingnuts in that church approve of him. Therefore, any of them could be capable of committing murder for him.

As bad as so many people disliked G.W. Bush I never heard anyone openly advocate his assassination. Such a statement as the so-called pastor made is un-American and treasonous. So much worse than the Dixie Chicks saying that they were ashamed of Bush. They were ostracized and blacklisted. So what about this nut in Arizona? Shouldn't there be protesters out front next Sunday demanding that he be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail?

Today I watched the final game of the Little League World Series. One of the Chinese-Taipei players listed his role model as Barrack Obama. The rest of the world tried to tell us how bad G. W. Bush was and many did not listen. The rest of the world is trying to tell us that we have a good president, but many are not listening. It is a shame that the rest of the world sees it and we do not. Our preachers want to kill him or stir their congregations up enough that they will kill him. No wonder so many people are fed up with the organized Christian religion in this country. There are so many idiots leading it.


rainlillie said...

This is truly disgusting! Other religious leaders should speak out against him.

Anonymous said...

Is this sort of like Jeremiah Wright asking God to damn the whole of America? Remember, the pastor the Obama sat under for 20 years.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Anonymous, I knew you would have something stupid to say to try to gloss over this idiotic preacher. No, it is nothing like what Wright said. If you actually believe that, your are dumber than I thought. This is a supposed man of God praying for the death of the President and inciting his followers. It is almost a federal crime.

Vagabonde said...

I just found your blog and am pleased I did. Your post is right on. I think the reason the democrats are not standing in front of this preacher’s door is because they are so much more tolerant. I have noticed that the right wing Republicans are quite mean. On another note I was pleased to read about the Passenger Pigeons as I did not know much about them. I just know that on my road about 2 miles down is a little mountain called “Pigeon Mountain” and I read that many used to come there. It is located next to Kennesaw Mountain. I have not been to Blairsville for a while but I had a post where I showed some sorghum syrup and noticed that Blairsville has a sorghum festival in October, so I think we’ll go to that. If you’d like to see the picture of the sorghum it was in my post of 13-Aug-09 here is the link: I’ll come back to read more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

Lots of blind eyes to open, but God can do it.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Let's hope He opens this stupid preacher's eyes and the eyes of his congregation.