Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wanna Be a Right Wing Republican? It is So Easy!

We have had Sarah Palin forced upon us for the better part of a year, now. She has proven to be a mental lightweight with a penchant for dirty politics and a lack of ethics. She will take no blame for anything she has done, always blaming her problems on someone else, mainly the press. Yet, like so many others of her ilk, she seems to be the darling of the Republican base.

Why do those who claim to be the Christian right seem to fall for slime ball politicians and preachers? When the facts are presented to them, they turn a blind eye and, like Palin, blame the issue on someone else, usually Democrats. They blasted Bill Clinton, and he should have been blasted, yet they embrace the likes of Vitter, Ensign, Sanford, and Gingrich, the biggest adulterer of them all.

Gaining the support of the right wing Christian base is so easy. All it takes to buy their vote is to shed a few tears, invoke the name of God, and get the wife's "forgiveness." Pretty simple, and the politicians know it. Sarah Palin knows it. She invokes the name of God regularly, blames her unethical behavior on others, and continues to wow the Republican base. She is so confident in this type of strategy that she feels she can quit her job halfway through her only term as governor and still succeed in politics.

I could do it. You could do it. All one has to do is to appear to be a right-wing Christian, bash gay marriage, and embrace the "right to life." Pick a church, join the GOP, and build the facade. Mark Sanford did it. He presented himself as a Christian family man, devoted to his wife and children. He espoused fiscal conservatism, putting up a great front by sleeping in his office to save money. Yet, the real Mark Sanford is a womanizer and a big spender, flying first class to see his girlfriend on state money. The family man abandoned his sons on father's day in favor of his squeeze in Argentina.

These people do not "slip up." They know exactly what they are doing. They are professional con men and women. They know how easy it is to con the so-called Christian base. Newt Gingrich continues to do it daily. He has now made a big thing of converting to Catholicism. That will work until he finds another woman that he likes. Then he will simply re-invent himself again as Mark Sanford is attempting to do.

The Christian right is so easily fooled, and it never seems to waiver in its support of low life pols and preachers. Just like the trusting family dog, it is easily spoon fed political hogwash and swallows it whole without question. As long as the "right" words are spoken and the "right" positions taken on two or three issues, a politician can do just about anything he or she wishes and take their re-election for granted. The under the table dealings, the broken commandments are all someone else's fault. Poor old Satan gets blamed for so many of these things that really aren't his fault, you almost feel sorry for him.

So take heart. Set them up for the kill. There are a host of them out there now, working their way into the minds of the Christian right. Why shouldn't we get a piece of that pie? If we play it smart and keep our noses clean, there is no mountain we can't climb on the backs of the self anointed ones.


Anonymous said...

Did you come up with this post after reading YOUR Bible? Where do you get your inspiration? Makes one wonder.

Georgia Mountain Man said...
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Georgia Mountain Man said...

I'm sorry Anonymous. I should have said that it came from the Bible. I forgot that there might be some of those I wrote about who might read this post. Darn, I made my first slip up.

As far as my inspiration is concerned, it comes from the facts about those pols whom I mentioned and those who blindly follow them. Pretty obvious unless you are a blind follower.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...