Friday, July 31, 2009

Lou Dobbs on the Way to FOX?

Lou Dobbs has long railed against illegal immigration and has often had a valid argument. Recently, however, he made a move toward left field and the lunatic fringe. The latest ratings of his show, taken since he took up with the "birthers," have plunged. That is unfortunate, because the cable network news organizations need a balance, yet they are becoming more polarized. FOX, of course, has never had a balance.

If CNN eventually drops Mr. Dobbs, where will he land? FOX of course. That network usually picks up all of the fringe elements from CNN and others who will not have them. Glen Beck, Van Sustern , Hannity, North, Rivera; I could go on and on. Nevertheless, given his recent bit of lightheadedness Dobbs will make a good fit for this bunch of ne're do wells in the FOX lineup.

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