Monday, June 29, 2009

The Real Victims of the Fiasco that Was the LIfe of Michael Jackson

As I read all of the garbage that normally results from the death of a controversial celebrity, the thing that stands out the most are the three children, Prince Michael I and II and Paris Michael Katherine. They are the real victims of Jackson's existence. By all accounts Jackson was most likely gay and paid to have his children borne by two women, one to whom he was "married."

Just the names of the children make me cringe. The man had so little regard for them but to give all of them, even the girl, his name. They were like playthings to him. I recall him swinging the girl (I hesitate to refer to her as his daughter.) out over a balcony. She was covered by a blanket, so I suppose that is how she got the nickname "Blanket."

Who knows what these children have been exposed to over the years? They have probably had little real parenting, beyond that of a nanny. The mother of the two oldest children has said that she wants no part of them. She was married to Jackson, but only to bear him children by artificial insemination. The mother of the youngest is, publicly at least, unknown. They have all lived in proximity to a troubled man, who, at the very least, had a very strange lifestyle. Now, they are basically cast out to the world. There is little evidence that Jackson's family is interested in anything more than any valuable possessions that he might have had. There is a "godfather" in England, who has expressed interest. It is sad that they have no family interested in taking them in.

I am always dismayed by the way so many celebrities have children right and left with several different mothers and fathers. The children are exposed to who knows what and often end up with problems beyond imagination. The celebrities are so into themselves and, often, their addictions, that they provide little parenting. The children are raised by surrogates of some sort and know nothing of a real family life.

Today's society is more and more mirroring this "celebrity" lifestyle. We see it daily around us. Unwed mothers, unwed mothers and fathers living together with no commitment. The children of such unions are often presented with poor examples of parenting and will, most likely, grow up to carry on the "family" tradition. They will have little idea of how to put together a nurturing family of their own. As with the Jackson children, it does not bode well for so many young ones today.


Dirk said...

You are so right on this. Well said! Unfortunately, you and I are in quite a minority on this as few see anything wrong with it now nor do they see the tragic results.


Diane J Standiford said...

I agree, and ths is more proof gay people should be treated like human beings not perverts. How different his life may have been if he didn't have to hide and never know true love. George Foreman named all his kids George, so I guess some people are that vain---besides kids can grow up and change their names. JFK Jr had no problem with his name and it served him well. We must give MJ his due--incredible singer/dancer, his children can be proud. It WILL be interesting to see who raises them. Hopefully MJ had a will.

Plenty of people from broken homes grow up just fine and plenty from loving parents grow up screwed up---it is a big picture with many parts.