Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Republican Party, More Marginalized Every Day

Daily, it seems, the Republican Party becomes more marginalized. It's rabid base has turned against anything but the most extremist, anti-American element. Colin Powell is ridiculed for being weak and supporting a Democrat against McCain. In Nassau County, New York this week a Republican-turned Democrat was heckled and insulted by a Republican crowd, which threw tea bags at her. The county Republican chairman actually endorsed the crowd's behavior:

"They think they can come with impunity into our house and cause trouble. They can't walk all over us... We'd never pull that kinds of stunt. They come to us, they're going to have to take their risks. They got what they deserved today. They tried to make light of what we stand for in the Republican Party, and we gave it back to them."

This kind of uncivilized behavior is becoming the norm for many, if not the majority of, Republicans. Today, a man insulted us at the Memorial Day parade, because the truck which pulled our float had an Obama sticker on it. Our float included distinguished veterans from every branch of the services. They were professional soldiers, who put their lives on the line for their country and are more patriotically American than any of these extremist, self styled "patriots."

Last week a poll revealed that only about 23 percent of Americans call themselves Republicans. It is exactly the rabid, extremist, anti-American behavior of these Neanderthals that is breaking the Republican Party. This country needs at least two parties, but they need to be representative of true American values, not the right-wing fanatical minority that has ruined this Grand Old Party.

I do not know if the Republican Party will survive. It might be best if it does not. It is not the party of Lincoln anymore. In fact it stands for the direct opposite of what Lincoln stood for, and it is primarily a southern party. This article chronicles the GOP's failing strength everywhere but in the South. The GOP is racist, secessionist, and anti-American. Lincoln has probably turned over in his grave many times over the last eight years, as his party has deteriorated into a tattered rabble of right wing fanaticism.

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