Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where Will it Finally End...or Will it?

Many of us come from less than stellar backgrounds with relatives that provide us with much story telling. Nothing wrong with that. People in high places are no different. Jimmy Carter had Billy. Bill Clinton had Roger. Sarah Palin...well, that is another story.

First she had an unmarried daughter end up pregnant after much talk about abstention from sex until marriage. Then the boy's mother was arrested for illegally dealing drugs. Now her husband's sister has been arrested for breaking and entering, and the ex-future son-in-law and his family are now going on TV and telling all about the former relationship. They allege that Ms Palin knew about the close relationship because they shared a bedroom. Could there be a reality show in their future?

Sometimes it is better to stay in your place than to have all of your family's dirty laundry exposed to the world. It appears from the family backgrounds of both Palin and her husband, that they may be a bit more, shall we say, seedy than most. Yet, she is not to blame for all of these issues. She can't help that the boy's mother is a drug dealer, nor can she help that her sister-in-law is a common thief.

Nevertheless, all of this seedy, negative publicity reflects upon her. Who knows, now, where it will end? There are probably many other skeletons in the closet, which may jump out at any time. She always has her own chances to snap defeat from the jaws of victory. Remember the turkey killing video? Then, just this past week the Republican speaker fiasco and the revelation of her SarahPac relationship with Van Susteran and her husband, both Scientologists.

Ms Palin has four years to provide the voters and her opponents with so many reasons why she is not fit to hold a national office. Maybe she should be content with keeping a close eye on Russia from her back porch and stay at home in Wasilla while keeping her family soap opera off the national stage.

One of my readers usually says that all of this is the liberal media picking on this sainted, Christian woman. Wait until she tries to run for national office. Then we will see the Republican juggernaught of dirty politics tear her limb from limb, using all of the dirty secrets they can skim from the sludge of her life.


Diane J Standiford said...

Palin will be a name in Trivial Pursuit soon enough, and NOBODY will get that answer! She was a joke frome the beginning. I am sick of hearing about her shady, self-righteous life.

Anonymous said...

I have just the read for you. Go to and read more about some of Sarah Palin's troubles. Unbelievable! mom2
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I do want you to know that my above comment does not mean to sound that I agree with you. Who am I, but a sinner saved by grace and I would not be ready to cast any stones at her or her loved ones. It hurts when our loved ones disappoint us or when we disappoint them. Thank God for Jesus, who made salvation ours through faith and trust in Him. Our Nation is in deep need of prayer and repentance and I am included as one with that same need. Our only hope will be in Christ and no politician is the answer. Our bitterness must go away, as we seek the Lord and humble ourselves so that he can forgive us and heal our land. mom2