Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is Gollum a Republican?

Methinks so. Gollum is an evil character in the "Lord of the Rings" saga, who loses his powerful ring, which he calls his "precious." He resorts to lies and treachery to regain his ring from Frodo and Sam Gamgee. Yes, he is a Republican.

Last November the Republicans lost their "precious" to Barrack Obama. It has been three months, since they officially relinquished it. Since that time, they have done nothing but lie and plot in an effort to begin to regain their "precious." As with Gollum, their lies and treachery have, so far, failed miserably.

Like Frodo and Sam Gamgee, the Democrats are onto the Republicans' game. The Democrats are aware of the lies and treachery. They know that they possess the "precious" that the Republicans want so badly, and they are on their guard every minute.

As with Gollum, the Republicans easily telegraph their moves with obvious lies. Michelle Bachman openly lies about re-education camps. Sean Hannity talks of tyranny and absolute power in the same sentence with Obama. Imhoff of Texas says the Pentagon budget has been cut, when in reality it is being increased by some 21 billion dollars. Then there are the "tea parties," which have absolutely no connection to the orginal "tea party." They are being organized to make people believe that their taxes are being raised. Obvious lies.

Gollum's treachery and his evil desire for power eventually sent him into Sauron's fiery furnace. If the Republicans continue their lies and treachery, they too will fall into the fiery furnace in 2010, possibly, to never be seen again. The American voter will only take so much. Apparently, the Republican leadership sees their faithful as completely stupid and unable to see for themselves. Granted many are that way, but even they will eventually tire of the open lies and treachery, that seem to emanate from the mouths of these buffoons.

It will be a long and treacherous journey for the Democrats as it was for Frodo and Sam Gamgee. There will be many perils not the least of which will be the Republican Gollum's, who will continue to lie and plot at every turn. However, like Frodo and Sam, the Democrats should be able to take these Gollum buffoons to the brink and eventually coax them over the edge into the never ending fire of extinction in 2010 and 2012.

Update: 4/10 In a continuation of the sorry and childish vengeful activity, Arizona State asked the President to speak at its commencement, then refused to give him the customary honorary degree. The excuse is that his body of work is not yet impressive enough. Body of work? Exactly what does that represent? Barry Goldwater got one after he had served only one term in the Senate. Then there was Wu Qidi, the vice minister of education of the People's Republic of China, who was given an honorary degree at ASU in May 2006. Even Cesar Chavez, the Mexican-American labor and civil rights activist was bestowed an honorary degree in 1992.

There are many others, most of whom you or I have never heard, on ASU's list of recipients. Erma Bombeck even made it. Erma Bombeck? She was funny and a good columnist, I suppose. But the first black President of the United States? The author of two best selling books, and like Goldwater, a one term senator? Obama is being given the cold shoulder. Was this done on purpose to openly reject the President's accomplishments and to embarrass him? Is there a Republican lurking somewhere?

I'm sure the President will laugh it off and be professional about the rejection. It sure does not speak well for Arizona State University.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Oooooooh weeeee! You've done gone & stepped all in it now!

Diane J Standiford said...

I like the way you think.